China-India Military tension world war possibility

china-india-military-tension have risen over a deadly clash between Chinese and Indian troops on the Ladakh border. But once there was a big frontal war between China and India. That too in 1962 in the decades since the war, the two Asian nations have amassed vast armaments. At the same time, hostility between the two nuclear-armed countries is growing.


Military tensions between the two countries suddenly escalated after clashes between Indian and Chinese forces in the Galwan Valley in Ladakh on Monday (June 15th) night left several soldiers on both sides dead.

What is the risk of war between India and China

Some questions are come in front of this situation.

What is the risk of war between these two countries?

What would happen if war broke out between the world’s two most populous and nuclear-armed nations?

India or China – does anyone really want such a war?

And in such a conflict, why countries like Bangladesh will be in crisis?

Ladakh border conflict

Over the past few weeks, Chinese and Indian troops have strengthened their forces in three areas along the border. Although the border between India and China has not been demarcated, the two sides have agreed in several rounds of talks that the current situation will not be violated. No one should try to change the existing situation. Now, the Chinese and Indian sides have contradictory statements about what happened on Monday night. Both sides say the other side’s army has advanced from their previous position and occupied the land, and that is why there have been clashes. So the situation is a bit murky. Both sides are making contradictory statements. It is not clear who entered the Como area. But it is clear that both sides are not willing to give up territory under their control and will fight if necessary. And that’s what they did. However, no shots were fired.

India and China is quite hostile in the global context

Whatever the army or the armed forces do, there is a political-diplomatic context behind it. The current relationship between India and China is quite hostile in the global context. The position of these two countries in world politics is in two rival camps. Internationally, China has no allies in that sense. One of their allies is Pakistan. On the other hand,

China-India Military tension

The United States has been India’s ally for 20 years. Relations between the United States and India have grown closer since 1999-2000. This includes the issue of military cooperation. This cooperation has been very strong in the last two decades. India has participated in several US-led military alliances in particular.

China’s relations with the United States have become quite hostile

On the other hand, since China’s relations with the United States have become quite hostile in the last few years, they do not like Indo-US military cooperation at all. There is such an international political and diplomatic context of enmity between China and India. In this context, China-Indian relations have become increasingly hostile. In that light, the border dispute is just an expression of enmity between them.

During the Cold War, various measures were taken to avoid war between the United States and the Soviet Union. For example, on the hotline, the leaders of the two countries immediately spoke directly and calmed down the tension. Are there any such mechanisms in China and India?

Such arrangements are in place at the regional command level between the armed forces of the two countries. In recent times, there has been such communication between the officials of the two countries at the level of Lieutenant General. But politically and diplomatically, there doesn’t seem to be any communication between those who actually make the decisions. When Chinese leader Xi Jinping recently visited India, there was a proposal to set up such a system. However, it was not known whether it was implemented.

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