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Saudi Arabia Tour: Muslim Vacations by Muslims for Muslims…max your vacation time. We do the work for free to give you the exact information what you’re searching online. You may read top travel places worldwide. Today’s blog I’ve focused about Visit to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia Tour- Discover sights and other information

There is nothing to say about the importance of Saudi Arabia on the word of the holy land. Especially for the devout Muslims of the world, Saudi Arabia is always a desirable destination. Saudi Arabia is a favorite name for Muslims, because there are many other reasons for this, including holy living land of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the origin of Islam religion, Holy Qur’an Sharif descended.

Besides, there are important matters like Holy Mecca Sharif, Madina Sharif and Holy Hajj and Umrah. Not only religious but also economically Saudi Arabia is a very influential country. For the work, people of different religions and castes, including Hindus, Christians and Muslims, can get here. Saudi Arabia is a desired destination for people living in Asia, Europe, America and other areas, including the sub-continent, because of good environment, tax-free wages and other facilities.

Saudi Arabia Tour- top travel destinations

Visit to Saudi Arabia- Meanwhile, the main purpose of going to Saudi Arabia was to make the work of Hajj, Umrah and part time/full time working. But now that situation has changed a lot. The present government has already taken a plan to build Saudi Arabia as one of the major tourist hubs in the world. As a result, the tourist visa system has been relaxed. Saudi government has planned to introduce special tourist visas for tourists. Here I’ve described top travel destinations of Saudi Arabia…

Besides, special privileges are being provided to women tourists. From now on, women aged 25 and over can travel to Saudi Arabia without having any male partner. But if you are under 25, you need a male partner. Saudi Arabia is a very rich country. Most of the 2150,000 square kilometer countryside is desert, but there are many majestic cities also. The Saudis did not make any nonsense to set up such towns. Islam begins here, so naturally there are many places and structures related to the history and tradition of Islam in Saudi Arabia.

Mosque Al Haram- Mecca

This is the famous mosque name. The mosque is also addressed as the sacred house of Allah. The most famous mosque in the world Al-Haram is the holy place Kaaba Sharif. This mosque has been developed with about 88.2 acres of area. About 4 million people can be assembled here.

Every year millions of devout Muslims come to see the Kaaba. This is traditional Hajj and Umrah.

Its specially designed architecture gives birth to religious mindset in the mind of the people. Very close to the Kaaba, the famous Zamzam Well. This Well was created 2150 years before Christ’s birth, and it is possible to accumulate water from here till today. Many Muslims regard this water as sacred and beneficial.

Al-Masjid an-Nabawī

Visit to Saudi Arabia- Another famous and important place in Saudi Arabia is the Al-Masjid an-Nabawī. This mosque was built during the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) during the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad. After migrating from Mecca to Medina, he built this mosque beside his residence. He also participated in this work. Importantly its position is after the mosque al-Haram. It is one of the largest and beautiful mosques in the world. This mosque is open all day long for the day. Hajjans coming during the Hajj, before or after the Hajj, stay near the mosque. This mosque is controlled by the Saudi Arabian government, and they have arranged for its all-round maintenance and renovation.

Kings Fountain

King Fountain is one of the many attractions of Jeddah because this is the world’s highest spring. The jet operated by jet propellers can throw water at 853 feet above the surface of the sea. This excellent spring located in the Red Sea is very interesting to tourists. The fountain used by the seawater’s salt water is seen from almost everywhere in Jeddah city. Especially in the night, the beauty of this spring is increased when it is associated with different colors.

Mada’in Saleh

If you have interest in old civilization and history, Mada’in Saleh can be a great destination for you. Here you can discover the ancient era of Saudi Arabia. The people lived, who are described in the Qur’an, belonged to the Thamud community. Then the environment there was excellent. There was no lack of sweet water. But they were involved in various mischief including lies, adultery, idol worship.

Dumat Al Jandal

Dumat Al Jandal is another ancient place of Saudi Arabia. It is located in Al Jawf province. The environment here is very rough and lifeless. But its history gives other evidence. Once upon a time this whole area was inhabited by human habitation. Fertile soil, sweet water was all here. But this environment has changed over time.

The reminiscences of civilization were seen in the abandoned palaces here. Here is a very ancient mosque whose name is Omar Bin al Khattab Mosque. It was made in 600-800 AD. The mosque was located on a big road side. Tourist and business man of different countries used to travel through this street.

Al Tayebat International City

Al Tayebat International City is located in Jeddah, one of the most famous cities of Saudi Arabia. This is a large museum. Here you will find many signs of the ancient traditions of Saudi Arabia. This place is also very interesting for foreign tourists.

The Arabic-style architecture here is truly worth seeing. This city was once the residence of Saudi King Sheikh Abdul Rauf Khalil. He was a very rich businessman. After his death, under government cover his palace brought and made this palace as a museum. There were about 300 rooms and 12 separate palaces together these huge residences. There are lots of paintings, old documents, furniture and many other patterns.

Kingdom Center

One of the tallest buildings in Saudi Arabia, this Kingdom Center There are also high-rise buildings in Saudi Arabia, but still the importance of the Kingdom Center is more than the others. The main reason for this is its amazing architecture style. There is no other place in the whole of Saudi Arabia. This magnificent 99-storey 992-feet-high magnificent building is becoming a symbol of commercial Saudi Arabia.

Along with the sophisticated shopping malls, there are four Seasons Hotels and Modern Apartment Complexes and Shopping Mall. There is a wonderful spectacle of this tower aesthetics all around. Kingdom Center shopping mall is one of the largest, sophisticated and aesthetic shopping malls in the country.

Finally plan your tour…travel safely and wish your delightful Saudi Arabia tour. Thanks.

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