Cyber Crimes Committed Against Women in Bangladesh

There are many wonders of modern science. Internet and computer are the blessings of science. These were made for the welfare of mankind. In fact, they are used for the welfare of mankind. Rapid growth of Internet technology leads our world high.

World is developed in many ways for the blessing of Internet connected with computer. But there are some miscreants in this world named cyber crime which is used by the computer connection with Internet. The criminals of cyberspace create the problem named cyber crimes. Criminals who perform these illegal activities through the internet are called hackers. Cyber Crime is now a global problem. It creates many problems like socio-economic, education etc.

Women are going to be victim of cyber crime. It should be protected by ensuring digital security. We living in global village become victims of losses for these types of crimes. In Bangladesh these are not in developed condition although they are increasing day by day in society.

Harassing by secret video is a common seen in this country. Women are becoming victims greatly in Bangladesh through it. Comparing with other countries we observe that having global technology we are benefited but there are some cyber criminals who try to harass people in many ways.

The intention for committing these crimes are increasing day by day in Bangladesh. Now it’s a global problem. It should be protected by globally ensuring global security. Billions of dollars are applied to keep behind a competitor. From education to life it can destroy everything. Blackmail, morphed pictures or publication of videos can affect a girl or women. As it is rising with keeping pace with modern technology, every country’s expert are taking measures to control these types of activities.

Background of cyber crime

It was first introduced in the 1970s when computers were the target. Phreakers are the first hackers. This made the realization globally about the bad impacts of cyber crime.

In the 1990, a project was operated by FBI. Here 42 computers and 20000 floppy disks were confiscated by FBI which were used for criminals activities. Then cyber crimes become the topic of discussion. This operation involved over 100 FBI agents and took two years to track down only a few of the suspects. Crime and cyber crime have become an increasingly large problem in our society, even with the criminal justice system in place.

Purposes and objectives

Cyber crimes are now a global issue. It should be protected for happier and better movement of the users in the cyber space. The users should be felt free to use internet in connection with any electronic devices we have in the world. The main purpose of this subject is to identify Cyber Crimes and surroundings of these types of crime. Cyber crimes are not gender based. Both male and female can be victim of cyber crimes.

Cyber Crimes Committed Against Women-

In our society women are going to be victims of cyber crimes. Those who are criminals target women to fall them in danger. Its objectives are also to find out legal response and trends towards cyber crimes against women in Bangladesh. For this subject all other countries are to be compared. Better solutions are to be identified against cyber crimes in Bangladesh and across the world for a better and peaceful access in the cyber world.

For better solutions of our problems happening in the cyber space, different country’s cyber crimes and legal systems on cyber activities in the cyber space has to be clarified among all the nations of the world. If we can identify cyber crimes and cyber law against cyber crimes, then it will be easy to create awareness against the related crimes in the cyber space in our world including our country… be continued…

Written by Mithun Kumar Saha, Department of Law, University of Dhaka.

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