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There are many rewriting tools online. Some tools help accurately and some are spreading spam regularly. In today’s blog I talked about the need for free writing tools. Do we really need writing tools? Are these tools helping us or harming our creativity?

Free online writing tools

Free writing tool- I got a message online like this one—Makes sure everything you type is easy to read and mistake free. Some tools work well to write different things easily. These tools help you to rewrite anything. Is this a legal way? By tools we can easily rewrite but there is nothing rest for our creativity. We’ve lost our creativity day by day. We’re changing like a machine. Free writing tools are disgusting things I say. Because those tools are programmed with some critical language and tools are doing same work again and again. These tools spread spam and do illegal writing. This should be prohibited by law.

Online writing tool can help writers

Writers can get help from online or those tools I mean writing tools but here one thing you should understand that tools is not like writers. They are machine, virtual machine. They can do only same things. Writers can create new things. There should have some mistakes, grammatical error, or something missing. I mean no writer can write an error free article. There are bunch of articles Google or other search engine indexed regularly. But there are huge mistakes, error or something missing on articles.

This is not a matter. Matter is all written copy should have an ethics, properly done by writers, newly done, research by someone. I think genuine writers cannot like to copy/paste for their writings. It should be prohibited. Writing article or something online or offline is a creative thing. Article writers write something from their mind and by researching something online or offline. So it’s sure that behind anything writings mind work. But writing tools have no mind to think differently or no mind to write something exceptionally. These tools use some algorithm for rewrite something. It’s a way of spamming or to steal from others.

Freelance writing online

I think we can use writing tools for research something to write better copy. But we should not use the copy what writing tools write or rewrite for us whatever you say. It should be prohibited and should have a law and online restriction to protect spam work here and there. But our online system is not so accurate to resolve these issues. We can change our mind and we can change our online environment with our natural writings. Thanks.

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  1. I used an online writing tool before and I got a penalty. Most of the writing tools are shit. It’s not work properly and most of the time spread spam. It’s useless.

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