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The two names Shehwar-Maria have spread through the social video platform YouTube to Bengali speaking people all over the world. If the country is different, the two minds will become different – it is not written anywhere. Today I am writing an exceptional story “the story of people from two different countries falling in love.” The two citizens of the two countries, loved each other, tied the knot of love.

Although everyone knows their story through their YouTube Channel, but once again I am telling a short about them with some special information. The love affair between the Bangladeshi-Romanian couple started as a ‘mutual friend’.

Shehwar is a native Bengali boy. He spent his childhood and adolescence in Bangladesh. He later moved to London in 2005 for higher education. After graduating from there, he obtained the prestigious CIPD degree in England. Considered the best police force in the world, he has worked as an officer of the London Metropolitan Police for almost five years. He is currently working in the human resources department.

Maria, on the other hand, grew up in Ploiești, Romania. Until 2013, she was working as a health and safety manager in Kurdistan, Iraq.

The couple makes entertaining and thrilling videos about travel, cooking, conversation, domestic mischief, etc. And as soon as their video is uploaded to YouTube, it goes viral. Maria is the main attraction of many people in Bangladesh. Everyone is impressed by the fluent Bengali language of this beautiful Romanian young lady.

From Shehwar-Maria YouTube Channel

The couple, popular on YouTube, currently has over 360,000 subscribers to the YouTube channel called ‘Shehwar and Maria‘. They touched the 100,000 subscription landmark within 3 months after the first video was uploaded. In the meantime, they have received the coveted Silver Play Button in their YouTube career.

Shehwar and Maria

Their YouTube started from the time of the lockdown in the outbreak of the corona virus. The ‘Lockdown Diary‘ video blog made up of 14 segments has already gained a lot of popularity among the viewers. The couple has made video blogs in almost all popular places in London. Cambridge, Westfield Shopping Center, Buckingham Palace, Borough Market, Camden Market, Little Venice, Covent Garden, Canary Wharf or River Thames – nothing was left out.

The couple also has travel blogs in some popular places in Europe. They also have thrilling travel video blogs in Venice and Milan, Italy, Santorini and Mykonos in Greece, Vienna in Austria, Berlin in Germany, Amsterdam in the Netherlands and Barcelona in Spain.

Official Facebook page

‘Shehwar and Maria’ currently has over 850,000 followers on their official Facebook page. As soon as you enter the page, you will see a small intro note – ‘Diary of a Bangladeshi boy and a foreign girl’s London life’.

Then slowly scroll down and you will see the good and bad of this couple’s daily life, sweet and sour conversations, mutual challenges or thrilling travel video clips. These posts go viral, thousands of reactions fall in an instant. Fans share opinions in the comment box. In addition, several fan clubs are proof of their skyrocketing popularity, where their well-wishers regularly post.

For fans

At present a large section of the youth of Bangladesh is following Shehwar and Maria. Their followers are eagerly waiting for their new videos to be uploaded.

The storm of questions is going on in the comment box of YouTube or Facebook. The Shehwar-Maria couple is also enjoying the subject very much. They express gratitude for the love of the fans. Besides, they have already done two segments to answer these questions of the fans. They have shared their own opinions on most of the questions received from the fans.


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