Gmail new features added

Gmail new features- Several new features have been added to Google’s e-mail service. These features have been added to mark the 15th anniversary of the first April 1, 2019. This allows users to compile quickly, to enjoy certain benefits, including deliveries at specific times. Let’s see what the new features of Gmail are…

Smart compose option in Gmail

Gmail new features- Quick compilation of e-mail can be done through smart compose features. Now, how do you start writing e-mail according to ‘smart compose’ work? For example, if you write ‘Hey Team’ at the beginning of the e-mail, Smart Compose will give you the idea of ​​the next word. When the email is finished, the topic will suggest new features.

Besides this, smart compose features will work in more than four new languages ​​in Gmail. This will make smart compose in Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese languages.

Actionable Inbox

Google e-mails, which can be used in various e-mails including Google docs, will be segregated by Google. New actionable inbox has been added for this. This will easily find the required e-mails.

E-mail Delivery Schedule

You can schedule e-mail delivery in new features. If you specify a specific time, e-mail will be sent at that time. Do not do anything for this. Download free gmail app now and get your gmail backup tool.

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