Trends in Cyber crimes

Trends in Cyber crimes- Being a global issues outlook is changing balancing with internet technology. We have made this technology for our well living but our creation is creating problems towards us for our misusing of developed technology by some miscreants who are moving in the cyberspace to harm others breaking security measures have given by the users.

Now in every sector feels the necessity of having cyber security because like real space there is another space in the global village named cyber space. In this cyberspace those who are engaged feel having of security in the era of Internet technology. Now it is the demand of the day. Growing business thinks more about it. Engaged people in social media get affect with cyberspace criminal activities.

To lesson these activities everyone is being cautious today. A lack of international collaboration also makes it harder to track down hackers as they attack from multiple locations. Criminals can attack from sitting anywhere of the world…So serious security measures in the technology of Internet is the demand of the day. Lack of collaboration has led to the current crisis of too little being done to stop this growing problem.

Today everyone is touched with cyberspace. They use this space for growing their activities rapidly. As a result those who are hackers get chance to collect information from them because they are using social media to express their feelings and activities. Even if the security measure is taken properly, the miscreants try to break down all measures. They are very much talented living in the society as white person. Even they can be highly educated. The call for cyber security is at an all-time high as cyber-criminals look for new ways to defeat what security is out there.

In Bangladesh women especially young girls are the worst sufferers for this cyber crime. Having huge opportunity they use modern communication technology like Facebook, what’s up etc. But under observation they now feel their security in the cyberspace. As crimes are happening day by day they are more alert now.

Teen boys and girls are the most victimized people in Bangladesh. Publication of secret video or information is the common scene in our country. Morphed image can destroy one’s life…Observing the worst situation in the cyberspace government of Bangladesh concerns strictly in this matter.

New law and politics are made for safety of Internet users and also they are protected to abuse their social media they use for communication. As Bangladesh now is a rapidly developing country and its security measures are the concern of the time. All experts are working to keep pace with the global competition.

Impacts of Cyber Crimes

Trends in Cyber crimes- Cyberspace is being used for communication purposes where there should not have any criminal intention. But in reality there are some criminals who misuse it and damage other users to destroying their information such as photos, video, signature etc. These crimes are greatly damage for our socio-economic purposes. We are all under these impacts. Individuals and businesses can suffer significant financial loss because of cyber crime with the most obvious impact being theft. Loss of business can also be significant in the instance of a denial of service attacks for large corporations. There are some impacts described below –


Hackers or miscreants when take away passwords or any information from the users they threat to make defamation against that person…As the victims become disappointed. As a result they fall in trouble both money and life. High security can remove this problem. Those who are in high profile in the living society are threat of this problem.

Economic impacts of cyber crimes

Trends in Cyber crimes- It has impact on economic.  The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), in partnership with McAfee, present Economic Impact of Cyber crime –” No Slowing Down, a global report that focuses on the significant impact that cyber crime has on economies worldwide.

The report concludes that close to $600 billion, nearly one percent of global GDP, is lost to cyber crime each year, which is up from a 2014 study that put global losses at about $445 billion. The report attributes the growth over three years to cyber criminals quickly adopting new technologies and the ease of cyber crime growing as actors leverage black markets and digital currencies.”

In Bangladesh, Reserved fund from Bangladesh Bank has been stolen in 2016.This is the loss of the country. They do it using Swift network. So we see that global economy is in risk due to cyberspace. Sufficient securing measures can stop it.

Mental impact of cyber crimes

Trends in Cyber crimes- Not only in Bangladesh but also in the countries of the world are threatened by cyberspace. It is benefited no doubt but it creates mental pressure us who are using or have access to computer technology or any other devices we have in the age of information technology. When a user falls in danger or a morphed image or naked image is published or threatened to publish publicly, then his mental pressure is raised for these cyber criminals. Even it can take away one’s life.

Social impact of cyber crimes

Cyber criminals use secret video or business information or image of the user or any information that are essential for the said users. Using the information they misdeed with the users. For example, pornography is a cyber offense. When a girl or boy or any person victims of pornography then said person’s position is degraded.

A business which is running or growing rapidly but his growing business can be collapsed due to cyber criminals. In our society those who are using cyberspace are in afraid for their reputation.

Cyber criminals are not static. They try to hack or destroy one’s information or threat to destroy it for earning monetary benefit and with the high security measures they are also making their policy high to commit crimes. 

Individual  impact of cyber crimes

Trends in Cyber crimes- It was said before that we all are living in global world. We are using global technology for our easier life to lead. But this easier system hampers us in many ways called cyber crimes. Cyber crimes are the hindrance for all the users of Internet technology. If we cannot take high security measures can be attacked by it anytime…Because criminals have no fixed place to commit this crime.

Our personal information or video or any pictures we have should be kept secretly. Blackmail is a common scene in our country. Even a close friend can blackmail you if you share everything to your close friend. When your relationship will break up, then he will use your personal information for blackmailing you.

So those who use Internet technology should be more careful. If anyone becomes victims of it his personality may be collapsed. Depression can be held for it. When anyone fall victims of cyber crimes they can be in depression because in the global world any occurrence speeds fast in the era of Internet. People knowing or unknowingly publishes ones activities. This makes the user depressed.

Besides, after publishing in social media he or she feels guilty. It leads to suicide of the victim person. Then insulting becomes a common scene for him/her. Some victims try to end their lives. They may take drug. Life becomes more painful for it. Many brilliant girls and boys stop their general work for not showing up their faces in front of others.

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Writer: Mithun Kumar Saha, Department of Law, University of Dhaka.








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