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OMG blog a multi topic blog magazine website My blogging started out of curiosity and also a desire to try something new. Some of my friends started writing along with my writing... Read more »

Cyber crime reporting- Legal Response in Bangladesh

Cyber crime reporting- Cybernetics is the generic term of cyber law which means to resolve the issues of cyber crimes and legal consequences that are raised in the cyberspace due to having... Read more »

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die anytime anywhere

Die anytime anywhere forever in this world

Die anytime anywhere- I repeat you will die today. You can ask me now ‘”How!” You will die today! By laughing you can die. By crying you can die. Even by talking... Read more »

Trends in Cyber crimes

Trends in Cyber crimes- Being a global issues outlook is changing balancing with internet technology. We have made this technology for our well living but our creation is creating problems towards us... Read more »

What is cyber crime?

Cyber crime is computer oriented crime. When a person commits crime using computer or Internet is called cyber crime. Cyber crime is a fast-growing area of crime. Criminals are using high brain... Read more »

Children can develop through their writing

Radoan has written about his family and his school Writer: Radoan Hossaen. Class: Four. Govt. Science College Attach High School, Dhaka My Family I’m radoan. I’m a student of class four. I live... Read more »
Free writing tool

Free writing tool

There are many rewriting tools online. Some tools help accurately and some are spreading spam regularly. In today’s blog I talked about the need for free writing tools. Do we really need... Read more »