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The U.S. Supreme Court has dismissed a lawsuit over the economic viability of immigration. As a result, A-related restrictions are being lifted. Biden has instructed that the “public charge” policy be immediately re-evaluated.

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Trump’s restrictions on US immigration are coming to an end

During the time of former US President Donald Trump, an immigration law called ‘Public Charge’ was imposed. As a result of this rule, the policy of not giving green cards to people who have to receive government assistance after immigration to the United States was imposed. Such a policy puts people interested in family immigration in the United States at risk. Many immigrants in the United States are afraid to take advantage of government benefits.

Incumbent President Joe Biden has called for an urgent review of the Public Charges Act.

Trump’s policy of curbing immigration was tightened in the ‘public charge’ rule. Trump wanted to control family immigration from underdeveloped countries by imposing restrictions on the 100-year-old U.S. immigration law.

Lawsuits were filed in various states challenging the ‘public charge’ rule. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in his favor to uphold the rules imposed by Trump. The verdict was appealed by the human rights organization Legal Aid. After Biden came to power, an agreement was reached with the administration and legal aid. All parties agreed not to proceed with the case filed in the court.

Latest news of ‘public charge’ policy

Elizabeth Prelogar, the acting solicitor general of the Biden administration, appealed to the Supreme Court on March 9. She said the case should be dismissed due to the consent of all parties. The case was later dismissed by the US Supreme Court.

Susan Welber, a lawyer for the Legal Aid Society, said the move by the administration and the court would bring relief to immigrants.

The legal aid lawyer told CNN that the rules imposed by Trump will remain suspended until the Biden administration re-evaluates the rules.

Biden has instructed that the “public charge” policy be immediately re-evaluated and considered and made public. He directed the Department of Homeland Security to clarify the ‘public charge’ policy so that there is no suspicion among the people concerned.

A statement from the Legal Aid Society and other civil rights groups said Trump’s “public charge” policy was discriminatory. The test of self-reliance for immigration to America lifted a wall of inequality. They believe President Biden’s move will allay immigrants’ concerns.

The U.S. Immigration Act, enacted in 1882, deals with public charges. Lawmakers at the time passed the law to emphasize self-reliance in immigration. However, no restrictions have been imposed on this before. Economically backward immigrants came to America and became self-sufficient by working hard.

A recent survey by the Urban Institute found that many of the migrants are starving children out of fear of “public charge” act. Refraining from receiving government food or health benefits. People are becoming homeless as a result of not getting housing facilities. All these are causing long lasting problems in public life.

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