How Google earns money by spreading news

How Google earns money- Google does not have the role to create news, but it earned $ 470 million from search and news last year. For that, News Media Alliance Chief Executive David Chavern thinks that journalists who are creating this news are also part of the income shareholder.

This information is available in a survey of the United States News Media Alliance. The statistics are astonishing. The amount of money did not get even from the last two films of Avengers series…Even more than the price of professional sports teams.

Google earns money by spreading news

The survey report said that the news is an important aspect of Google’s business. Google’s trending query (mainstay of search) is getting 40 percent of the clicks in the news. But Google does not give money to these manufacturers, although they sometimes give the title exactly from the media. In this context, Terrance C. Z. Egger, the head of the Philadelphia Media Network, says that Google’s opinion is needed for those who create this news.

Mr. Egger thinks that in this case, excellent association of news organizations with technology companies can develop.

How Does Google Make Money?

The matter is, he said, “The main reason that so many people are stuck in Google is the news. That’s why they will not want to disconnect the news from Google. However, our claim may seem unwelcome to Google. That is, Google have to give a share from Google revenue by doing business with our affiliates, or give honor the form that we are creating.”

Most news is published on Facebook without Google’s parent company Alfabet. As far as indirect contact is made on the global media website, 80 percent of them come from these two platforms. But the media is not getting revenue from this.

Note that last year US advertising industry earned $ 510 million from digital advertising. On the other hand, these accounts have been found to be very few in the news media. In particular, when users click on the news report displayed in Google, the amount of personal information that the company handles, the survey is not calculated. If you bring it into account, you may find that Google’s revenue exceeds US news industry.

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