Visit Magazine through Instagram to get amazing travel spot

It’s not easy to maintain a magazine to get more engagement on it. To reach targeted people worldwide any business needs to set a secret strategy. Mads Nordsveen the founder of Visit Magazine, who has done his passion for photography and travel into a successful business.


At just 26 years old, Nordsveen has set up a social media entrepreneurship business and runs one among the foremost popular travel accounts on Instagram. He has stimulated his energy into bringing his dreams and passions to life as he flies across the world to require mind-blowing photos of the foremost exquisite destinations.

Starting story of Visit Magazine

Visit Magazine didn’t start with a boom like a big bang science. In fact, Visit started as a little Instagram account with just a couple of followers through a narrow path. Within the beginning, Mads just posted photos of all the various places he desired to go to and slowly started building his huge list.


He started doing this when Instagram still had a map panel, thereby making him one among the first adopters of the platform. When he was reposting images, Mads always credited the original photographer and tagged them, thereby building a robust network of other travel Instagrammers in the process. Slowly, he began garnering attention as other people were eager and wanted him to post their own travel images on his account.

Visit Magazine success through Instagram

Now Visit Magazine has over 1.1 million Instagram followers and is consistently ranked amongst the best travel accounts to follow. Through the narrow path now Visit has grown to become a real media company. It also publishes books and magazines.


It presents absolutely amazing travel destinations and classifies them according to their themes, such as adventure and culture. The magazine also shares travel guides, stories, and interviews.

Through unique storytelling, Mads enchants his viewers as he shows no signs of uncertain time.

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