What Is NeoGraft Hair Transplant? What Should I Know About The Procedure?

NeoGraft hair transplant is a partly automated form of the FUE technique and is an advanced hair transplant procedure. The best quality of NeoGraft is that it produces better results than FUE, is more effective, and has improved the minor errors related to the manual FUE.

The common hair treatments are known as FUE and FUT, NeoGraft on the other hand is a new hair transplant technology 2021. Both the methods used formerly were risk-free, produced natural-looking outcomes, and satisfied the customers. The advancement in the procedure as known as NeoGraft wipes out the flaws in manual FUE making it safer.  This procedure is adopted by third world countries, you can choose NeoGraft hair transplant in Lahore, Pakistan too with reasonable cost.

Why do people get hair transplants?

Hair transplant procedures are performed on people with hair loss problems and alopecia. People undergo the treatments to restore their look and to gain self-confidence.

 The new treatment, NeoGraft hair transplant reviews are positive like the manual FUE.

What to expect before and after the NeoGraft procedure?

Before the procedure, talk to your doctor regarding getting yourself ready for the surgery. Ask if you’re the right candidate for it. Learn the do’s and don’ts before the procedure is done. 

Asking the physician beforehand saves you from a lot of trouble and anxiety. Getting the right information about the procedure you plan to get is very important. You should also inquire about the possible side effects after the treatment. Neograft hair transplant before and after is a critical aspect to be discussed.

The after-effects can sometimes be disturbing, it is vital to discuss them earlier. Below mentioned are the probable after-effects of the Neograft hair procedure.

Neograft hair procedure

  • Donor site appearance: If a lot of hair follicles are plucked from the donor site, it can bring a visible hair loss appearance which is also known as ‘moth-eaten appearance’. This moth-eaten appearance is possible by both the traditional FUE as well as Neograft, in case that the surgeon overharvests the donor area.
  • Scars: NeoGraft and FUE hair techniques don’t produce a visible scar. However, there is a possibility of unnoticeable scars on the spot where the hair follicles are removed. These scars might be visible when you shave your head or cut your hair too short.
  • Improper hairline: If the hair implantation is not done in correspondence to your hairline the results look unnatural. An unnatural and odd-looking hairline is a potential risk of any hair implant procedure.
  • Shock hair loss: Shock hair loss means a temporary hair fall of the implanted hair, but this hair soon grows within 3-4 months.
  • Additional complications: Swelling, Bleeding, Inflammation, Scalp Numbness.

The above mentioned are the NeoGraft before and after, it is important to know that both the conditions vary from person to person. Moreover, the after effects are rare but possible. The possibility of complications in NeoGraft hair transplant is very low but these are the likely risks to occur.

NeoGraft hair transplant VS FUE

NeoGraft and FUE hair treatments are identical; both furnish the patient with gratifying results.

NeoGraft VS FUE does not have a lot of differences, apart from NeoGraft being semi-automated. FUE procedure is a hand-operated method where the surgeon removes the hair follicles from the donor section manually.

While the modern NeoGraft method uses tools for the procedure. Suction is used to extract hair follicles instead of manually harvesting them; similarly, the insertion of the hair follicles is done by a special tool that monitors the depth of insertion. The implantation of the hair follicles does not require an incision like FUE but the particular tool used, performs incision and insertion at the same time.

Is NeoGraft permanent?

The shortest answer to this query is YES, a NeoGraft hair transplant is permanent. But there are a few factors that affect the results of the treatment.

  • The health of the hair grafts and follicles. The surviving grafts naturally produce the best and long-lasting results.
  • A highly skilled surgeon who recognizes the right hair follicles, and implants them well also increase the success rate as well as renders permanent results.
  • Never compromise the treatment with low cost. Just because the cost per graft is low doesn’t mean that the results produced will be permanent and satisfying. It is better to look for a professional surgeon even though he is expensive.

Best NeoGraft hair transplant doctors are ones who are highly experienced and have an original certification in the particular department. A high rate does not define the skill of a doctor but his mastery is proved by the number of satisfied patients he has treated. So it is advisable to explore and find the best doctor around you.

How do I find the best NeoGraft hair transplant near me?

Visit several clinics around you, inquire about the reputation of the doctor, if possible meet the previous patients for your peace of mind and make a final decision that provides you satisfaction.

NeoGraft hair transplant is an improved form of FUE. The NeoGraft procedure is quicker than the FUE and involves tools to extract as well as insert the hair follicles. The results are also long-lasting when performed appropriately; it is a safe hair restoration method. You can even have the sessions of NeoGraft hair transplant in Islamabad, Pakistan at affordable cost.

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