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On this blog article we will consistently write about the daily news in Myanmar. The goal of this blog news is to highlight the recent events in Myanmar. Myanmar latest news blog will show the exact things what is happening in Myanmar by researching online media.

3-15-2021 | 39 killed in one day of protests

Myanmar latest news blog: Myanmar has had its bloodiest day since anti-military protests began. 39 people lost their lives in one day on Sunday. On this day, in different cities of the country, it is known that there were massive clashes between the law enforcement forces and the protesters. Several Chinese factories in Hlaingthaya, known as the industrial area, were attacked.

The Reuters news agency reported that 22 protesters had been killed in Hlaingthaya on Sunday alone. The report, citing the Advocacy Group Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (APP), said that when law enforcement fired, they were killed. In addition, 16 people were killed by law enforcement agency in different cities of the country. In clashes with protesters, a policeman was killed.

The country’s military-controlled television reported that four garment factories and a fertilizer factory were set on fire in the industrial area of Hlaingthaya. The fire brigade tried to go to the place to control the fire but was stopped by protesters. About 2,000 protesters blocked the fire service.

Meanwhile, Beijing has asked Myanmar to take action after receiving reports of attacks on several Chinese factories. The Chinese embassy says many Chinese workers in its factories have been injured. Some are trapped. The embassy called on them to provide security and protect China’s assets.

3-13-2021 | Myanmar police members who fled to India said

Myanmar latest news blog: ‘I was told to shoot the protesters. But I told them I couldn’t. ”The member, who has served in Myanmar’s police force for nine years, has now taken refuge in neighboring Mizoram state of India, to save his life. His name is Naing (pseudonym).

Following the recent military coup in Myanmar, protests continue in the country. Security forces have killed at least 60 people so far in protests. In the meantime, several policemen have taken refuge in India as they could not obey the orders of the military. However, the military government of Myanmar has also sent a letter to India requesting their repatriation. A BBC journalist spoke to them recently. They are young in age. The BBC has published a report.

3-9-2021 | Women are also fighting with men in Myanmar

Myanmar latest news blog: Many of those who have already lost their lives in the ongoing protests in Myanmar are women. Even the first person to be killed was a woman.

Myanmar’s security forces are increasingly using force against protesters. They are increasing the repression too much. So far, more than 50 people have been killed in the protests. More than 1,800 people have been arrested. Despite threats, imprisonment and torture, Most of the people remain steadfast in their position. They would not hesitate to protest against the demands of democracy.

Khain Mar, a 26-year-old Myanmar woman, is a garment worker. “We have an equal responsibility with men,” Khain told Reuters on International Women’s Day. We have come to protest shoulder to shoulder with the men. ‘

Khain was taking part in a protest rally in Yangon that day. “We have nothing to fear,” she said, pointing to three fingers in the air as a symbol of protest.

Khain is the leader of an organization of garment workers. She said the unfavorable environment in which she worked taught her the importance of fighting for her rights.

3-8-2021 | Myanmar’s hospitals and universities are surrounded by troops

Myanmar latest news blog: Myanmar’s hospitals and universities have been cordoned off by army, police and security forces to prevent a general strike.

Blank shots and searches are being carried out to prevent protesters from gathering on the streets.

Protesters have gathered in different parts of the country, including the capital, Yangon, Mandalay and Dewai, ignoring the risk. Some protesters protested against the military government by flying flags made of traditional sarong dhoti worn by women.

The police stun grenades at protesters, fired tear gas and water cannon. Al Jazeera, Reuters, The Guardian.

On Monday, 18 trade unions in at least nine sectors, including construction, agriculture and manufacturing, called for a general strike across Myanmar.

In response to that call, traders have closed all shops, factories, banks and shopping malls.

According to The Irrawaddy, extra troops and police were deployed on the streets of Yangon on Sunday night. They surrounded the city’s government hospitals and universities.

3-8-2021 | Australia suspends military cooperation with Myanmar

Myanmar latest news blog: Australia has suspended defense co-operation with Myanmar amid violence and casualties in anti-coup protests.

Australia’s foreign minister says Myanmar’s military has stepped up its crackdown on large-scale protests over last month’s military coup. News Al Jazeera

The national civil non-cooperation movement and widespread protests against the military coup spread. So far, about 60 protesters have been killed by army and police.

The Australian Foreign Minister said “We strongly urge Myanmar’s security forces to exercise restraint and refrain from using violence against civilians,”

It is to be noted that 13 countries including Australia have been training the Myanmar army for a long time. The 12 countries include China, India, Pakistan and Ukraine. Human rights groups have called for the training to be stopped.

The Australian Foreign Minister added that their humanitarian assistance would be provided only to ethnic minorities, including the Rohingya, and that the Myanmar government would not be involved.

3-8-2021 | Trade unions have called for a strike in Myanmar

Myanmar latest news blog: Myanmar’s key trade unions have called for a strike on Monday. They are going to carry out this program with the aim of putting pressure on the military rulers of the country. Despite strikes and demonstrations, the military has stepped up its crackdown on pro-democracy activists. Reuters reported this information.

Witnesses said shots and grenades were heard in various parts of the country’s commercial capital, Yangon, on Sunday night. At least three protesters have been arrested by security forces in Yangon yesterday.

State Councilor Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) leader Khin Mong Lat has died in police custody in Myanmar. Security forces handed over his body to his family yesterday. Khin Mong Lat was arrested on Saturday night in Yangon’s Pabedan district the day before. He is suspected to have died in custody. Police and army have not commented on the matter.

An army announcement was made today in a state-run newspaper. It said action would be taken against those who acted directly or indirectly on behalf of a committee of deposed legislators.

At least nine trade unions in various sectors, including agriculture, construction and manufacturing, have called on all Myanmar people to stop working. They have called for a strike to protest the military coup and demand the reinstatement of Aung San Suu Kyi’s elected government.

The trade unions said in a statement that continuing business and economic activities meant supporting the current military government.

“Now is the time to take action to protect our democracy,” the trade union statement said.

Today, on March 8, International Women’s Day, various women’s organizations in the country have called for the lungi movement.

3-7-2021 | Women barricade to stop Myanmar’s military

Myanmar latest news blog: The movement against the military government in Myanmar is intensifying day by day. The government has taken to the streets with weapons to quell the protests. Almost every day ordinary people are being shot. More than 50 people have been killed so far. In this situation, the women of Myanmar have chosen a fancy way to stop the army-police. Barricades have been set up along the roads to stop the movement of army and armored vehicles. And it is used in women’s lungi! News AFP.

Lungi is the traditional dress of Myanmar women. They wear colorful lungi on the lower part of the body with blouse on the upper part. In Myanmar it is known as lungi. The lungi is being used as one of the weapons against the military government in the ongoing movement.

Not only lungi, but also women’s skirts, pajamas and other colorful clothes are being decorated at the barricade of the road. Clothing used mainly on the lower part of the body is being used in barricades. These garments have been hung there by tying ropes horizontally in the paths of army movement. Even women’s clothing has been left in the way. It is also working. Security forces are not patrolling many areas.

There is an idea prevalent in the folk society of Myanmar. The men here believe that it is insulting for masculinity to go under the women hanging clothes. This will destroy the pride of their manhood. This is the main reason why the army-police do not want to go under the lungi barricade on the highway.

Latest news of Myanmar

The people of Myanmar have been protesting continuously. Peaceful protests in several cities across the country, police used tear gas and opened fire. The United Nations says more than 50 protesters have been killed since the coup.

More than 1,700 people have been arrested, including 29 journalists. The United Nations, as well as Western nations, including the United States, have strongly condemned Myanmar’s military coup. US sanctions have been imposed on Myanmar’s military.

At least 30 Myanmar nationals, including police officers and their family members, entered the Indian border, Reuters reported. They have applied for asylum in India.

Thousands of Myanmar nationals were still waiting at the Indian border on Saturday, AFP reported, citing Indian officials.

On the other hand, Myanmar has written to India seeking the return of police officers who crossed the border. The Myanmar police officers recently fled to India with their families after refusing to comply with the military’s orders.

3-6-2021 | The Myanmar military attempt to move 1 billion has been thwarted

Myanmar latest news blog: A day after taking power, Myanmar’s military government tried to remove 1 billion from the US Federal Reserve Bank of New York (FRBNY). U.S. officials intercepted the attempt.

On February 4, security guards at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York blocked the military government’s attempt to transact money in the name of the Central Bank of Myanmar. U.S. government officials did not approve the transfer. It remained in place until US President Joe Biden issued an executive order suspending money transfers indefinitely.

A spokesman for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York declined to comment on specific account holders. The US Treasury Department declined to comment.

Myanmar’s military government knew the sanctions would be followed by a series of international sanctions. The military government tried to pull the money in advance to deal with that loss.

On February 1, the Myanmar army seized power and arrested Aung San Suu Kyi. The country’s military has accused the November election of rigging. However, the Election Commission has denied the allegations of fraud.

3-5-2021 | Using weapons against own people is ‘national shame’

Myanmar latest news blog: The pressure of the world community against the military government of Myanmar is increasing day by day. The United States has imposed new sanctions on the country. And Singapore has condemned the firing on protesters, saying “the armed forces have used their own weapons against their own people.” It is a matter of ‘national shame’.

As a last resort, Washington has imposed sanctions on certain trades by Myanmar’s military government, the foreign and interior ministries and the military, according to Reuters. Joe Biden’s administration has also imposed restrictions on military logistics exports to Myanmar.

The army arrested Aung San Suu Kyi, leader of the ruling National League for Democracy (NLD), President Win Mint and top party leaders in a bloodless coup on February 1. General Min Aung Hlaing, the country’s army chief, seized control of the country by declaring a state of emergency.

Since then, the people of Myanmar have been protesting. Peaceful protests in several cities across the country, police used tear gas and opened fire. The United Nations says 54 protesters have been killed since the coup.

More than 2,000 people have been arrested, including 29 journalists.

Last month, US President Joe Biden announced sanctions against Myanmar’s defense minister, military officials who led the military coup, and the military.

USA has banned Myanmar two organizations

The U.S. Department of Commerce said in a statement Thursday that the United States would not allow Myanmar’s military to take advantage of many products. The U.S. government will continue to take action against those responsible for the coup and their crimes.

The two organizations that the United States has banned in Myanmar are Myanmar Economic Corporation and Myanmar Economic Holdings Limited.

Myanmar’s economy is controlled by the country’s military through these two organizations and their affiliates. These companies range from beer, cigarettes to telecom, tire, mining and real estate businesses.

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