The highest grossing movie of all time “Avatar”

Avatar is now the highest grossing movie of all time. With the release in China for the second time, the blockbuster movie Avatar has regained the title of the highest grossing movie of all time.

We all know the movie based on science fiction was first released in 2009. After the release of the film, Avatar was the movie that stirred the global box office for a decade. At this time, no film could surpass the movie in terms of income.

In 2019, Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame deposed Avatar from the title of the best earner of all time. But Avatar got that badge back this week.

Avatar re-released in China

The movie has been re-released in China, the world’s largest film market. At the end of the week, its total revenue stood at 2800 million US dollars.

The Chinese film market has recovered on a large scale after the lockdown of the epidemic. On Friday alone, James Cameron’s movie grossed 4 million dollars. As a result, the movie is ahead of Endgame.

The two films are owned by Walt Disney. Titanic, another movie that ranks third in the list of highest earners also belongs to this same company.

After surpassing Avatar a couple of years ago, Cameron greeted Endgame.

Now Cameron is busy with the next sequel of Avatar. The film’s release schedule has been postponed several times. If all goes well, the sequel will be seen on the silver screen all over the world in December 2022.

“We are proud to have reached such a huge milestone,” said Avatar producer Jon Landau. Cameron and I are thrilled when the film returns to the theaters at this unprecedented time. I am grateful to the Chinese fans.

Avatar Background:

We have seen an unequal but daring battle between a group of greedy people and innocent Pandora residents in this movie.

The story begins in 2154, when people appear on an Earth-like planet called Pandora in search of RDA unobtanium; whose weather is not conducive to human breathing.

The inhabitants of this planet are called Na’vi. The Na’vi was living happily on their planet until the unholy desires of man were revealed.

To better understand the environment of the Na’vi, scientists created some bodies that looked like Na’vi, controlled by instruments.

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