Yoga exercise- a new dimension to the Bangladesh Police

The Diplomatic Security Division of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police has started Yoga exercise. To boost their morale in the Corona situation Yoga Exercise will definitely help positively.

Rajan Kumar Saha, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Diplomatic Security Division, said that the event “Yoga exercise” was organized by the Diplomatic Security Division to maintain the health of the country, the nation and the diplomats as well as the overall law and order.

He said all members of the Diplomatic Security Division would practice the yoga every day while maintaining a safe distance. This practice will continue every day from 7 am to 8:30 am.

Bangladesh police Yoga exercise

Earlier, the Deputy Commissioner of Police of the Diplomatic Security Division, Ashraful Islam inaugurated the exercise.

Police members including Additional Commissioner of Police of Security Division Muhith Kabir Serniabat were present at the time.

Yoga exercise of Dhaka Metropolitan Diplomatic Security Division Police

To boost morale in this Corona uncertain situation Dhaka Metropolitan Diplomatic Security Division Police has strated Yoga exercise in a different way.


Exercise as well as meditation is very important to get fit mind and body. By meditating, the brain will be more administering. As well as the mind is stabilized. Meditation ensures our sleep and allows us to finish our day’s work successfully.

In addition to living a stress-free life, yoga and meditation are very useful for the lungs, stomach, heart, spleen, and blood vessels of the body.

As a result of yoga, flexibility will be creating in the body. As a result, the worries of body and mind will be removing.

The Yoga of the Diplomatic Security Division of the Police has added a new dimension to the Bangladesh Police. To boost morale in the bad situation Yoga exercise will help surely.

The benefits of yoga

There are many benefits of yoga exercises. Yoga exercise is a spiritual, mental and physical practice. Yoga exercise that has been going on for ages till now. Over time, people have discovered many health benefits associated with yoga. People who do yoga do more than burn calories and strengthen muscles. It is an exercise that involves both body and mind.

Yoga is said to be the key to staying healthy. Strengthens the body from within and increases immunity. Yoga helps to increase the radiance of the skin.

Yoga reduces your stress and makes your skin beautiful and attractive. This exercise benefits both body and mind. Experts recommend practicing yoga to reduce stress. This exercise can make your body flexible and ready to perform any physical work.

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