Juvenile Delinquency- one of the worst problems

Juvenile delinquency has become a global problem recent times. Although once considered a regional problem, it’s now plaguing the world. In fact, juvenile delinquency is the scourge of unorganized social management, rapid industrialization and urbanization in the modern world.

Juvenile delinquency causes

Usually teenagers have indomitable hopes. At this age they are very curious about life and the world and their mind is also sensitive and prone to feelings. So at this time, if any injury or disappointment occurs, they are plunged into the darkness of despair. In this way, teenagers gradually enter the world of crime. So, juvenile offending is currently seen as one of the obstacles to the establishment of world peace.

Juvenile delinquency is more prevalent in cities than in villages…Because the social bonds and management of the villages are much more intact. But even there, this disease has entered well. However, Juvenile delinquency may be eradicated through sustainable policies and their implementation.


Let’s identify the reasons why Juvenile delinquency occurs-

Broken family structure

When there is mismanagement in the family, it naturally has a negative effect on adolescents. For example, a conflict between a parent and a spouse causes unrest in the family and the victim is the youngest members of the family. Thus, a kind of hatred towards family grows in them. Then they become frustrated and try to overcome it in a hurry. Many of them fail to escape from frustration and step into the crime world, especially drugs. Also, teenagers who spend their days in poverty are almost always depressed. When they cannot satisfy their hunger legally, they are forced to commit criminal acts like theft, robbery, pick pocketing, etc. The main cause of Juvenile delinquency as a whole is the indigent family and the marital strife of parents.

Negative social circle

The society in which adolescents grow up must be positive. But considering the global social situation, it goes without saying that there is no positive society. Negative social systems have a detrimental effect on the lives of people living in the society, especially on the children. Since adolescents are an important part of society, they too are swept away by the erosion of social values. Thus, they begin to commit crimes by adapting themselves to criminal activities.

In a society where insecurity, moral decay, terrorism, poverty, declining social relations, malnutrition, corruption, etc are more prevalent, adolescents are more prone to crime.

In order to give a proper life system to the adolescents, a proper social system is absolutely necessary.

Risky environment in cities and slums


The risky environment of cities and slums plays a big role in Juvenile delinquency. Generally low income people live in slums. There are so many people here that there is no suitable living environment…As a result, the social norms and structures that are created there are not conducive to living. Therefore, the boys and girls growing up in such an environment are deprived of proper social system. Just then they get involved in crime.

Anarchy prevailing in the state

When anarchy prevails in the state and society, teenagers as well as adults are affected. Therefore, in order to build soft spoken teenagers as good citizens, the state must work to eradicate anarchy and corruption. It must be remembered that only a beautiful and proper state system can help the adolescents reach their desired goal.

Infiltration of subcultures

Every society or state has its own culture for its citizens. But if another culture that is totally incompatible penetrates, then its own culture is contaminated and its bad effects affect the lives of tenderhearted teenagers. That’s when they get involved in crime.

Addiction to pornography

As a result of the misuse of technology, porn videos or pictures have easily reached the hands of teenagers. Addicted to it subconsciously they suffer from sexual desire which is very harmful for their growing age. To satisfy this unwanted sexual desire, they choose immoral ways and get involved in crime.

The point is, sustainable polices need to be formulated to identify and address the issues of juvenile delinquency. Only then it can be suppressed. If Juvenile delinquency cannot be curbed, it’ll be the deadliest epidemic for the world to come.

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