Newborn shortness of breath: do best to get recovery

Newborns born during the winter have to take extra care. At this time children get various diseases including cold, cough, and pneumonia. These cause the newborn to have difficulty breathing (newborn shortness of breath). In this uncertain time parents should take extra care for their newborn baby.

The baby first has common symptoms such as colds and coughs, which can later become severe. Pneumonia can endanger a child’s life. During winter season Pneumonia can shape like pandemic. In Asia’s countries Pneumonia often become severe for poor family.

Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during childhood and adolescence. Pneumonia can lead to severe lung infections and respiratory problems. Old people can also be affected by Pneumonia symptoms.

Newborn shortness of breath

Newborn shortness of breath is manifested by one or more of the following three symptoms:

  1. Breathing rate of 60 or more per minute

2. deep sighing and grunting and

3. difficulty breathing.

Shortness of breath occurs in 5-10 percent of newborns. Its causes depend on the age of the newborn, gestation period and the health risks to the mother.

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Shortness of breath: The main reason

1. RDS, TTN, Gestational Pneumonia, Meconium Aspiration Syndrome, Pneumonia, Aspiration Pneumonia, Surgical Causes

2. Heart failure

3. Terrestrial respiratory complications, bleeding inside the brain

4. Metabolic, when blood glucose levels drop, acidity in the blood

5. Excessive cold, high levels of hemoglobin in the blood, etc.

What to do

Use a radiant warmer if necessary to control the temperature. Intravenous saline, if breast milk cannot be sucked. Maintain oxygen at 88-95 percent. If necessary, use mechanical ventilation.

Also use surfactant therapy: (within 2 hours of the onset of symptoms). By providing steroids to pregnant mothers between 24 and 34 weeks to prevent RDS it can do.

Contact with Physician for more advice.

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