Chinese App Tuber gives opportunity: avoid (Great Firewall)

An app has arrived in China that will allow Chinese users to view some content from the Western world, avoiding the Great Firewall. The app was launched by China’s largest cybersecurity company “Qihoo 360”. The name is Chinese App Tuber which is giving opportunity to avoid “Great Firewall”.

According to a Reuters report, the Chinese app called Tuber has come to the third party Android App Store. It has been downloaded almost a million times.

The use of such proxy apps is nothing new in China. Using apps like Google or Facebook, many people in the country take the help of virtual private networks or VPN.

However, the idea of bringing a tuber app from an organization like Qihoo 360 points in another direction. This means that the scope of the Great Firewall has decreased a bit.

About Tuber App

While Internet users in China have welcomed the app, many have complained that it is slow. According to Reuters, the app censored events such as the 1989 Tiananmen Square incident and the Hong Kong protests.

App users have to register with their personal information to avail the service. Identity card numbers and real names have to be used, Reuters reported. The app also warns users against state interests and disregard for the country’s socialist process.

Qihoo 360 has not yet said anything about the app.

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