Top Astronomy Apps (Sky Map) for iOS and Android

Is it possible to identify all the stars in the sky? Yes, possible. There is a map of the earth. As well as there is also a map of the sky. In this age of information technology, it has now moved to smartphones with Astronomy Apps. Android phone or iPhone app name is “Sky Map” you can find all the stars in the sky with this app and the planets. First you have to download the app from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. When you get it on, you can get a map of the planets and stars on your Android of iPhone. It is much easier to use than any other map. By turning it on, you will be able to see the planets and stars wherever you point your phone in the sky.

Easily recognize the sky in the app

Some bright stars from different parts of the sky were wandered in different shapes like lions, bears, fish, etc. Each of these areas is called a sky way. The Sky Map also presents each congregation in a common shape. And there are all the planets. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn can be seen with the naked eye. Using the map you can easily find the planets. While knowing the sky is a mystery to everyone, using this map will make it as easy as water. And a huge world will open.

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Sky Map app review

Astronomy Apps- The size of the app is only 2-5 megabytes on the phone. It will support all conventional Android or iPhone in the market. If you want full use of all the features, you need compass sensor. At first download the app, then go to settings and set the Latitude and Longitude according to your location. If you do not know the exact location, you can use Latitude 23 degrees north and Longitude 90 degrees east. It has no requirement of internet connection to use the app. However, the hassle of fixing the location can be avoided just by keeping the GPS connection on.

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