Coronavirus Challenge- The ability to cope

Coronavirus Challenge- A tiny virus has driven more than 7.7 billion people around the world. From his attack on Saudi Arabia’s wealthy king to his workers, Jews from Israel, Indian Hindus, Christians of American, Bangladeshi Muslims and Sri Lankan Buddhists – no one can escape.

Covid-19 characteristics- The coronavirus is not attacking by seeing rich, poor, religious and religious frontiers. Covid-19 does not judge who is in power and the people in the state. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has just left the hospital. British prince Charles, wife of Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, and ministers of various countries are under attack. Not even the doctors and scientists themselves.

Coronavirus Challenge and South Asia’s Situation

Coronavirus Challenge- When a virus is born in the world, it does not fade away; it has to be prevented with an antidote. No specific antidote to Covid-19 has yet been discovered. The drug of malaria discovered by Japan has proven to be effective in preventing or not. In many countries, affected patients are being treated by this Japani drug.

A number of pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh are also preparing to produce it. The coronavirus test kit is expensive, if tested with a foreign kit. Dr. Zafrullah Chowdhury of GONO-SHASTHO Hospital of Dhaka has taken the initiative to do this within BDT 300. The government has also given permission. The result has not yet been seen by people. If they succeed, the people of Bangladesh will benefit greatly.

The virus at first found in China. China’s position with Taiwan is just a middle ground. North Korea is China’s border’s country. South Korea’s location is along the southern border with North Korea. In fact, near China Corona news from North Korea does not come easily to the outside world. So it is not known what the coroner’s situation is in North Korea. The first victim, however, was shot dead. Probably so much still continues.

North Korea relies on China for everything – its borders with China, its relations with China. Maybe now they are following the advice of China. Corona was also spread in South Korea and Taiwan, but it did not spread widely. They have been able to prevent the infection from occurring. China is a hostile state in both South Korea and Taiwan. Their cooperation with China has not been heard. Now, the whole world is following China, South Korea and Taiwan as a means of preventing the model. Bangladesh is also preparing to follow that procedure.

Covid-19 attack in Developing countries

Bangladesh crossed the second phase of the coronavirus and now comes to the third stage. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been in power for eleven long years. She has handled everything so far. However, she did not do anything very wrong.

Coronavirus Challenge- Coronavirus has a king character. To prevent it, to prevent infection, you must stay in the room. The countries that have spread the virus for so long – China, America, South Korea, Taiwan, Italy, France, Britain, Spain, and Saudi Arabia – are all wealthy states. People from these countries lived in homes. There was no shouting. But the condition of Bangladesh is not the same. Bangladesh is a poor country. Now, they have to provide food for them to be kept in their homes. Or else the dead body will be lying on the road like Ecuador.

In the developing world, it is not possible for people to stay in lockdown or sitting at home for long periods of time and obey the laws of social distance. In these densely populated cities like Delhi, Karachi, Mumbai, Dhaka, Lagos, Cairo, Jakarta and Sao Paulo, these laws will be considered cruel and inappropriate. If people suffer from hunger, do not get work, they will be at risk of contracting coronavirus rather than dying without food.

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