Ministry of Foreign Affairs Bangladesh working against corona pandemic

The arrival of Corona in the Rohingya camps during the current Corona time could bring more disaster to Bangladesh. In this situation steps should be taken strictly. Domestic and foreign news are... Read more »

Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh affected by coronavirus

Pandemic situation is cultivated in rohingya refugee camp in bangladesh. It’s an uncertain time all over the world. Crisis is everywhere. During this difficult time, the Bangladesh government has taken all possible... Read more »

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Coronavirus vaccine stocks | vaccine by China

Coronavirus vaccine by China: Chinese scientists working on the Covid-19 vaccine claim they are 99% sure it will work. Researchers from the Beijing-based research institute Sinovac Biotech confirmed this to Sky News,... Read more »

How Long Will This Coronavirus Pandemic Last?

Coronavirus Pandemic- The world is now shut down. Seeing the places where people walk in and they do their daily works, it seems ghostly now. The situation has been created due to... Read more »

Coronavirus Challenge- The ability to cope

Coronavirus Challenge- A tiny virus has driven more than 7.7 billion people around the world. From his attack on Saudi Arabia’s wealthy king to his workers, Jews from Israel, Indian Hindus, Christians... Read more »