Cyber crime impact on society

Cyber crime is a big disorder for our society. With the advancement of technology, cyber crime is on the rise. This blog discusses the impact of cyber crime on society.

Cyber Crime Impact on Women and Girls

As said before that women are the main targeting point for cyber crimes. They have to bear measurable situation for these types of activities of cyber criminals. They cannot be beyond impacts of it. Various impacts are –

Cyber crime impact on Education

Those who are in education institutions to take education may get affected with cyber offenders. If any girl or any women is touched by this crime or criminal tries to publish her information or collected naked picture or secret videos, her education can be stopped instantly…Because her reputation and activities will be known to all.

The criminals will not consider her social status. If they do not get their personal benefit they can do everything. Hackers are available in our country. Hacking one’s account they can abuse in various ways. A brilliant student can be destroyed falling in such activities. So cyberspace is becoming harder for them to continue but to keep pace with the modern world it is needed to use Internet technology. To save them we all have to take fruitful measures against them.

Dissolution of marriage

Due to victim of cyber crime marriage can be dissolved before or after marriage. When a girl is married to a boy, if there is open video or images which are coupled with her ex.boy friend is published after her marriage and if the boy who has married her to continue happy life in the family can dissolve the said affirmed marriage. Also before a marriage same thing can be happened.

These scenes are available in the society even a boy or girl doesn’t to make relation with another girl or boy having image in the Internet or society media with another person. If this scenery is seen after 10 years of marriage same thing can be happened…Because no one receives such kind of scandal.

It is open scene in our society that after break up relationship, girl or boy makes viral their previous pictures or audio or video have taken. In Bangladesh there are some audios of Happy (actress) with Rubel Hossain (Cricketer) which becomes viral in the social media. Happy wants to marry him but Rubel refuses it. This social media makes their images bad. After all showing documents Happy files a case in the Thana. So it is clear that cyber world can be cause for dissolution of marriage.

Cyber crimes impact on Social status

Social status is a great issue in the modern world. Everyone wants to maintain his/her social status. But there are some situation comes to us when one’s social status can be destroyed by dint of using cyberspace technology. After hacking any social media account when the miscreants publishes his personal information which can destroy his social position.


It is a not only national scandal but also international scandal. In this growing world women and girls are the victims of pornography. It makes them hazardous. Different ways are available in the cyber world to harass women and girls. Morphed picture is an open seen to harass an individual. Besides creating naked picture or porn videos using morphed image of any girl or lady, the criminals in the cyberspace or any friend or any person harasses women.

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Writer: Mithun Kumar Saha, Department of Law, University of Dhaka.


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