Die anytime anywhere forever in this world

Die anytime anywhere- I repeat you will die today. You can ask me now ‘”How!”

You will die today!

By laughing you can die. By crying you can die. Even by talking you can die. By working you can die. Even by sleeping you can die. By anyhow you can die. Actually you were born to die today. You can control everything existing on The Earth expect your death. Today is your last day on The Earth.  Within a minute your breath will stop. At the time of reading this article you can die. 

You were born today. You will die today. You may think I am talking about bullshits. But believe me I am standing on truth. I say it confidently that you will die today. None can save you. You have to die. There is no option anymore. Who actually you are that doesn’t matter, you must die today. You can’t find any way to live more. If you’re a king, you will die today. You don’t have enough property to keep yourself alive. However you are a sweet creation of your creator and your creator decides to kill you today. You may see dream to create something new. But you don’t have time anymore. It was pre written to kill you today by your creator.

Let me tell you how you will die today

You must hear about bacteria? 

Can you tell me How Much Bacteria Does the Human Body Really Contain?

Scientists proved that the number of bacteria in the human body may have been as high as 100 trillion. 

Do you know how many bacteria die inside a human body each day?

The exact answer to this question is unknown. But it is estimated that about 100 billion bacteria die every single day in the human body.

That means a Human body is also a Universe for 100 trillion bacteria as we have a universe to survive.

Die anytime anywhere- Just think every single day more than 100 billion bacteria die and reborn in our body but we can’t understand their presence because they are too small than our body. We can’t see them in eyes.

We are also as like as bacteria in this universe. 

We die and born.  But the universe doesn’t shout because we are too short than the universe like bacteria. Which is 100 years to us to spend life that is like a single day to The Universe…We think our life is about to 65 years or more or less. But the truth is that we stay in this Universe for a single moment.

Be proud to be a part of this Universe for a Single day. Be sad as you will die today.

Don’t be arrogant because you are too small to show it. Remember you are like a bacteria. Be ready to die. Happy Living for a day!

Writer: Md Istiaq Hossain, Honours in English, Govt. H.S.S. college, Magura, Bangladesh

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About the Author: Md. Istiaq Hossain

There are millions of creatures on earth. I'm also a creature in millions of creatures. Still alive and I'm in the pursuit of livining after death.