Top tourist attraction in Bangladesh

Top tourist attraction in Bangladesh- To know this terrain you need to travel to the country. In every district of this country of absolutely amazing beauty, there are various sights. Many tourists from the country and abroad visit every year to roam. There are tourist attractions in the ancient establishments, wonderful mountains, boat trips in the river, touching in the green, and the eyes of losing yourself in the kingdom of the clouds. Let’s know about the top tourist centers in the country of Bangladesh- low cost trip but best tourist attractions in Bangladesh here described….

places to visit near Khulna Bangladesh



The kingdom of the crocodile in the river and the kindom of the tiger in the forest. There is tension in every step for tourists. The only place to achieve these is the Sundarbans. This Sundarbans is also the largest mangrove forest in the world. The mausoleum of the Sundarbans tour begins in October, which remains the buzz till April…Although there is a chance to go there all year round. Tourism in Sundarbans is different and unique than any other tour spots. Tourists have to travel here under the permission of forest department to obey their orders.

Sixty-Dome Mosque


The sixty-domed mosque, known as the sixty-domed mosque, is the largest mosque and is built in the Sultanate period. Construction of the mosque started in 1442 and it was completed in 1459. The mosque is commonly used for prayers and is also used for madrassa and assembly hall.

places to visit near Dhaka Bangladesh

Lalbagh Fort


The construction of Lalbagh fort was started in 1678 by Mohammad Azam Shah, son of Mughal Subedar Emperor Aurangzeb. It is a complex and incomplete fort of the 17th century Mughal period. This is currently located in Dhaka. Architecture of this fort is interesting for many tourists.

Hussaini Dalan

It was built during the Mughal rule in Dhaka. First it was built as Imambara or Imam House for the Shiite community.

Dhakeswari Temple

Among the ancient structures of Old Dhaka, the notable Dhakeswari Temple According to many historians, the origin of the name ‘Dhaka’ from this name is Dhakeswari.

Panam Nagar

Panam Nagar is a traditional ancient town located in Sonargaon, in Narayanganj district. This is also known as Panam City. This Panam City is located in Sonargaon area of about 20 sq km. It is also known as the lost city. Places of interest around Panam city are the Folk Art & Craft museums, goaldi mosque, big cities and khas towns.


Origin of Sonargaon from ancient subarnagram. Until the establishment of Muslim authority in the region of Bengal, till the advent of Dhaka City in 1610, Sonargaon was the administrative center of South-East Bengal. Among the ancient architectural features of the Sonargaon area are Khasnagar Dighi, Nilkuthi of Dulalpur, Goaldi Shahi Mosque, Aminpur Math, Damodardi Math, Residential Buildings of Panam Nagar, Big Sardar House etc.

places to visit near Barishal Bangladesh

Kuakata sea beach

Kuakata located in Latachapali union of Kalapara thana of Patuakhali district. It is a sea beach in the southwestern of country. The specialty of this beach is that the tourists can see sunrise and sunset standing in the same place. Distance from Dhaka to Kuakata beach is 380 kilometers. And 108 kilometer from Barisal…

Floating Market

The old traditional floating market of the century-old Kartipasha canal of Vimruli village, about 15 kilometers from the southern district town of Jhalakathi. Although around the whole year, there is a buzz in the market for almost three months in the Guava and hog plum season. The boat floats on the daily basis of the week. People from all walks of life from Jhalakathi to small canals are also seen.

top tourist attraction in Chittagoang Bangladesh


Chandranath Hills

4km from Sitakunda Bazar Chandranath Hills is located on the east side. You can walk on foot or rickshaw to the Chandranath hill. But the trek of the journey is different by the foot, because the small hills belonging to the Chandranath hill range have started from Baskunda. On the way to Chandranath hill, some religious structures of Hindus will also be seen. There are also people of some ethnic populations, who are known as Tripura and here are some of them villages.


About 50 kilometers from Bandarban district headquarters, this tourist center is located 2200 feet above sea level. From here tourists can touch clouds. There are also a number of resorts in this tourism center run by Bangladesh Army.

Patenga beach

Patenga beach is located in Chittagong. It is quite popular spot for tourists. Especially in Chittagong, people of the city stooped here to breathe in peace.

Kaptai Lake

Kaptai Lake, about 1760 square kilometers, on the edge of the hill, is one of the main travel destinations in Rangamati. Hanging bridge of Kaptai Lake is more popular for tourists. Besides, one of the attractions of Kaptai Lake boat travels.

Sajek Valley

Sajek Valley is called ‘Rangamati Roof’ at about 1800 feet above sea level. Although the geographical location is in Rangamati, the easy way to travel is Khagrachari. Residents of Lusai, Pankhwa and Tripura indigenous people live in villages around Sajek. Famous for orange cultivation as well as there are also cultivate coffee.

Cox’s Bazar


The name of the breathtaking beach on the blue waters and the roar of crores, Cox’s Bazar. The best beach in the beautiful world is the Cox’s Bazar. Most tourists of Bangladesh come to visit this place.

St. Martin’s Island


Saint Martin, a small island in the northeastern part of the Bay of Bengal. In the last five years the tourists of this Island has increased dramatically. Here you can excite your activities through various activities like fishing and with various marine creatures. Find perfect climate to roaming there between November and February.

travel spots in Sylhet Bangladesh



Jaflong is located on the foothills of the Khasia-Jainta hill along the India’s Meghalaya border. This Jaflong is located in Gowainghat upazila of Sylhet. The distance from Dhaka is about 297 kilometers and 62 kilometers from Sylhet city. The Hanging Bridge of the Dauki Port of India is located at Jaflong. Besides, there are clear water and stones of the mountainous water!



Srimangal is called the capital of tea. Srimangal is located on the northeast of the country. Its area is 425.15 sq km. There are 40 tea gardens in Srimangal. Tourist places in Srimangal are Bangladesh Tea Research Institute, Bangladesh Tea Board Project Implementation Unit, 40 tea gardens, Laoyachara National Park and Nirmai Shibbari.


The most beautiful village in Bangladesh is ‘Pantumai’. The beauty of this village is not finished, but with all these words of beauty, aesthetic, beautiful, heart-shaped words. There is an amazing village in the country that many are unknown. There are many cities in the country, the city of beauty. But there is no title in a small, unspoilt, beautiful village of Bangladesh.



Very popular among Bichnakandi tourists on the border of Rustampur union of Goingghat upazila of Sylhet district. The main attraction of Bichnakandi in the hills of Meghalaya is waterfall of the stretch of stones spread over the vast area.

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