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Donald Trump web- Donald Trump everywhere! It’s a historic time. Donald Trump will come again. The leader will bite all the apples of the world to dominate… US will merge again.

The US presidential election will be held on November 3. Democrat vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris is of Indian-black descent. However, US President Donald Trump has claimed that his daughter Ivanka Trump is more qualified than Kamala.

He called Kamala Harris “incompetent”. Trump claims that his daughter Ivanka Trump is far ahead of Kamala Harris in terms of qualifications. The Republican camp has chosen the path of harsh attack against Kamala.

“I also want a woman to be elected president,” Trump said. But I don’t want to see a woman the way she (Kamala) was running for the presidency. He is not at all qualified for it. ‘

After Trump’s remarks, his supporters started chanting slogans in the name of Ivanka. In it, Trump said, ‘Look everyone is saying, we want Ivanka. I’m not blaming you. ‘

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Trump tweets and speaks the power of republican strategy. The Donald will run for the first. It’ll come true in November again. Cheers!

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