Some food related quotations

Food related quotations- We’re in war. We’re fighting for safe food. Even, we’re fighting for organic food. We should have a good plan for our healthy life.

Though we all have something to learn from nature. We need proper knowledge to intake our food. We should to go to nature and touch nature for a natural life.

I’ve got some points in terms of food, organic food and food activist worldwide from some different website. Please take a look some quotation related to food from famous personality and some organizations.

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Food related quotations

Did you know?

A 450 grams jar of honey requires 1152 bees to travel 180, 246 km and visit 4.5 million flowers. That’s 156 km per bee!

If you put bananas and money in front of a monkey he will choose banana because he don’t know that money can buy a lot of bananas.

In realty, if you put money and health in front of human, human will chose money over health because too many people don’t know that health can bring more money and happiness. Jack Ma 

Eat your food as your medicine otherwise you have to eat medicines as your food. Ratan Tata

If they control seed, they control food. They know it. It’s strategic, it’s more powerful than bombs; it’s more powerful than guns. This is the best way to control the populations of the world. Vandana Shiva

Every time you buy organic. You’re persuading more farmers to grow organic.

I’m very proud that Vermont took the lead nationally to make sure people know what is in the food they eat. Vermont and other states must be allowed to label GMOs. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders

The solution to our global food and environmental crisis is literally under our feet. John W. Roulac, Founder and CEO of Nutiva

The time has come for food, seeds, herbs, plants, sunlight, air, and clean water to assume once again their central place in medicine.

Stop Letting Dow chemical poison our children with chlorpyrifos!

End Seed Slavery! Intellectual property and patent laws criminalize seed sharing and saving, and deny farmers and gardeners the right to diversity, freedom and health.

Not so long ago man lived in harmony with nature. We did not need the use of chemicals, poisons, and altered genetics to grow and maintain our food supply. It’s time to return to balance.

Our entire agriculture industry is based on chemical inputs, but soil is not a chemistry set. It’s a biological system. We’ve treated it like a chemistry set because the chemistry is easier to measure than the soil biology. Rick haney, USDA soil scientist.

It isn’t just the nature of gene-splicing itself that is threatening us.

The billions of pounds of systemic toxic pesticides that are used on GMO crops are equally, if not more, hazardous to human health and the environment.

How do we make sure that the food our kids eat is healthy? How do we have the courage to take on these huge food and biotech companies who are transforming out agricultural system in a bad way?

Green food
Green Food

If you stopped spending money at the grocery store next week they would never even notice you were gone. If you took a small fraction of that money and spent it at the farmers market you would help a local farmer pay the rent. You might even save his farm.

A society that keeps cures a secret so they can sell medication for huge profits is not a real society but a mental asylum.

Here’s why our food system is broken… A farmer can spry chemicals to kill bugs, then spray more chemicals to kill weeds, and then add chemicals to the soil and we don’t require any labels. But if a farmer wants to use this label, they have to pay a bunch of money and fill out loads of paperwork to prove that they didn’t use chemicals.

We are fighting a circular battle with today’s chemical industry and agribusiness giants—one product at a time. But we have a plan; spread the word about regenerative agriculture.

Do you know how the people who grow your food are forced to live? The impact of the use of pesticides in the world brings an invisible pain.

The solutions can be found in the seed and in the soil.

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