How to get massive income by YouTube channel

Income by YouTube channel– The current trend is how to make income from YouTube in a passive way. People of all ages want to use YouTube as a source of income. But some mistakes make them stop at the beginning.

Five special ways will definitely help you to make money on YouTube with a small channel. You can see this on social media a lot. You can see these well-known, famous YouTube channel with a hundred thousand subscribers, half a million subscribers, a million subscribers, five million subscribers. And you thought, wow! You know how to make money on YouTube. I need a lot of views.

I need tens of millions of views and millions of subscribers. Let me tell you this, it is simply not true. Today I’m going to prove you how you can make money, even massive money, with a small YouTube channel.

Now maybe you are just getting started. Maybe you only have a few hundred subscribers on your YouTube channel. Maybe a few thousand, maybe tens of thousands subscribers on your channel it doesn’t matter. Take a look, I remember when I was getting started on YouTube I was already generating five figure income from YouTube when I only had four thousands subscribers.

My YouTube Income experience

I was generating six figure incomes from YouTube with only five thousands subscribers. And today, well I won’t even talk about today. So, think about it. What do you need to do? Number one, you could sell services. A mentee of mine, Gary Wong, he is a realtor in Vancouver. He is not trying to use YouTube to generate money directly, like say, through ad sense like that. No, he runs a business. He is using YouTube as a lead generation platform, right? So when people watch his videos on YouTube, and if someone wants to purchase a property or someone who wants to list a property, he would then get them on the phone and offer his service. Offering services can be a great way to make big money with a small channel.

So if you are a service provider, may be you’re a consultant, you are a coach, you are an expert, maybe you are a real estate agent, maybe you’re a broker, you’re an insurance agency, you’re providing an special service in your local area, in your city. YouTube is a very powerful way to get your message out there. To promote your name, to get your name out there, to create some value in the marketplace and educate your potential clients it’ll definitely help positively.

Say yes, you’re the one I want to do business with.

5 Ways to make massive income by YouTube channel

Number 1: YouTube income by lead generation

Using YouTube is as a lead generation service platform for your existing business. You need to know what lead generation is and how you can grow your business using YouTube channels. The more people know about your business, the more your business will expand. It can be local or global business. If we take a look, we can see many channels on YouTube where only various worldwide services are discussed in a special way. Think about it. And tell yourself, why can’t I? Launch your YouTube channel Professional Way today. You must succeed.

Number 2: YouTube income by arranging events

Another way you could use YouTube to make money with a small channel is events. Where they actually meet with their fans and the fans get to meet with their favorite YouTuber. Take photos, selfie, maybe even sign something here and there, merchandise.

It’s a very good way because then you can meet with your fan even with a small fan base you can sell tickets to meet with you, right? Or a live event, I’ve done that too, where people coming from all over the world coming to my event, attending my live event. So you can use that to generate revenue as well. You don’t need a lot of people. You don’t need a lot of fans, a lot of subscribers, to generate a significant amount of income. Does that make sense? If you want you can work with the event today. You can read this article before the event starts- how can I arrange event by YouTube channel?

Number 3: YouTube income by selling digital products

Offering digital products on your YouTube channel is a good way to get money. I’m talking about digital courses or digital products. I’m focusing when it comes to digital programs or any kind of online training programs.

Now the online training space, that’s a multi billion dollar industry. So you don’t need a huge channel with a lot of subscribers. If you have the right niche, you can offer your online courses on your YouTube channel. And you can sell that for a hundred dollars, two hundred dollars, five hundred dollars, even up to thousands of dollars.

Number 4: YouTube income by affiliate marketing

I don’t know how to create digital courses. Guess what? You can make a big money as an affiliate marketer. You can promote other people’s digital courses through your channel. People, who are creators, people who are experts, who offer these types of courses. As an affiliate marketer, you can promote their courses and then get a commission from each sale.

Example, if they’re selling a course that is a thousand dollars and you can help them promote their courses when someone watches your video, maybe you do a reveal video of some kind, right? And they click on the link, and they go ahead and go to the website and purchase that course, you can get a 20%, 30%, even up to 40 50% commission. You don’t need to make a lot of sales to make a decent amount of income.

Number 5: YouTube income to become a YouTube consultant

If you are a good YouTuber and if you have a great foundation knowing how YouTube works, there are so many businesses out there that they want to launch a YouTube channel or they have a YouTube channel. They’re struggling to grow it, what you could do is to become a YouTube consultant. To actually help other people, to help them grow their YouTube channel and then you can charge them a fee, it’s called a management fee. It’s kind of acting as a digital agency but for YouTube.

Passive income with YouTube channel

Income by YouTube channel- Imagine a company paying you a thousand dollars, two thousand, even three thousand dollars a month to just help them manage their channels. Well, how many of these clients do you need? In some cases, one of these clients would be enough money to replace the job that you have right now. Or it would give you some, you know, supplement income, right?

With what you do, it pays for your car, pays for your house mortgage, and pays for your rent. It’s a very powerful model.

So, taking your YouTube skill, your YouTube knowledge, and helping companies to generate more leads, helping them make more sales, helping them grow their YouTube channel, that’s a fantastic way to make money. Basically they don’t really care about how many subscribers you have on your YouTube channel. And you’re not counting on Google or ad sense to pay you any kind of money. You’re using your skill to help company to generate reoccurring income. Isn’t that exciting?

You can read an article I wrote on Passive Income. Various aspects of passive income are mentioned here.

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