Worldwide Coronavirus case study 2021

The coronavirus has brought a curse to humans since 2020. The virus has so far killed millions of people around the world.

Although several vaccines have been developed against the virus, no 100% effective vaccines have yet been developed to eradicate the virus.

Scientists have not been able to come up with an accurate idea about the origin of the virus. Although the Western world blamed China for the outbreak in the early days of the virus, the truth is that the exact source of the corona virus has not yet been revealed.

The coronavirus is now worldwide problem that has spread beyond Asia to Europe, America and even every continent. With the outbreak of the coronavirus, the global economy has collapsed drastically. Due to lock downs and various restrictions in different countries, the living system has somehow become paralyzed, and there has been an acute food crisis.

Coronavirus is acutely spreading in poor country

People in poor countries are being deprived of the right to access basic medical care as well as acute food crisis. Ordinary people in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh in particular are being deprived of their normal medical care and their standard of living is declining. From the general health system to the basic human rights in the mentioned countries, it is horribly disrupted.

In Bangladesh, public anger has been created towards the government system. Ordinary people are marching in the streets almost every day against various wrong decisions of the government. India, on the other hand, is the claimant state of the world’s largest democracy, where election campaigns are underway in various parts of the country in the wake of the virus outbreak, which is working deeply behind the spread of corona in the country. In Pakistan, too, the corona virus has plunged the economy and health system into acute crisis. On the other hand, the internal situation in Myanmar is so bad that there is no real picture of the prevalence of corona virus in the media.

Surprisingly, it is true that in China, where the origin of the coronavirus is thought to be, the corona virus has no effect. Even China’s economic system is getting stronger which is considered to be the cause of anger in the western world.

Let’s look at the Middle East, where the war is raging. The war in the Middle East is causing more damage than the Coronavirus, experts say. The people of Syria, Iraq, Libya, these oil rich countries are now living below the poverty line, living in inhumane ways.

In African countries, they have not developed enough awareness about the coronavirus. They have not yet come out of the trap of conventional superstition.

Coronavirus Vaccine trade Worldwide

Vaccines have been introduced in several countries to prevent coronavirus. Although there has been some debate about the effectiveness of vaccines against the coronavirus so far, there is hope. The world’s leading pharmaceutical company has entered into an unhealthy competition for billions of dollars. The world is not united and fighting to escape the curse of this terrible coronavirus. Just as the developed world has adopted an aggressive policy against the poor, so the corona virus has maintained its aggressive spread. Excluding the poorer states, many rich countries are not getting the vaccine in exchange for money. Debates over vaccines have begun around the world. Some of the side effects of the vaccines have been reported to be severe.

Many world leaders believe that the trade in coronavirus vaccines is politically motivated. The political side effects of the politically influenced Corona virus vaccine are likely to last a long time and that could change future world leadership.

My view of coronavirus

The world is overwhelmed by the coronavirus. I’ve seen horrible images of the corona virus from the beginning. Many families have been infected with the virus and lost everything. This virus is inspiring us to reunite. Awareness is constantly being created in us to have a clean life. I have seen that many people are suffering from this disease due to unconsciousness. Many people have become very enthusiastic and have spread the disease more and more. I have realized that the disease has attacked me at least twice since it spread around the world. However, I did my own treatment at home due to distrust towards the current medical system.

I am a citizen of a very poor country in the third world but somewhat consciously I have been able to recover from this disease. My method was very normal. When I saw that my body was feeling very bad, such as feeling cold, runny nose, severe shortness of breath, chest pain, etc., I did not rush to the hospital and isolated myself at home.

I cleaned my nose a bit and took a drop of mustard oil in my nose to keep my breathing right. Then I mixed clove and ginger with tea and started drinking it again and again. Occasionally I sprinkled light hot water on my nose and mouth. I have been doing these things for two to three days and I have recovered.

I have seen people who go to the hospital to check if their corona virus is positive, they have spread the virus in large scale. Those who have consciously treated themselves at home in the traditional way have recovered within a few days.

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