Online games free Top 5 popular games on Android mobile

If you want to play the most popular online games free in the world on your Android mobile then you have come to the right article. Because, in this article, I will tell you about 5 popular online games that have become the best Android games in the world today. And, in almost all countries, people get a lot better by playing these online Android games.

Best 5 online android mobile games

In fact, today technology has become so good that every day we see or hear something new. Just like that, have we ever thought that we can play multiplayer games together on mobile with our friends, relatives or strangers and with people from other countries? I don’t think so.
But with technology and advanced smartphones we can do all this very easily today. And, today people get much better off playing online games than playing multiplayer games offline. And, if you haven’t played online mobile games, you won’t understand the fun.

It is also true that the demand for offline games is decreasing day by day and the demand for online multiplayer is increasing day by day. And, do you know the reason?
This is because online games are very exciting and there you can play games with real people. This will increase your excitement, interest and fun towards the game. There are some new and popular online games in the world these days where you can play games by talking to each other.
Playing games as an online multiplayer is a new technology in the world of gaming today whose demand is increasing day by day.
So, if you want to play some such multiplayer games on your Android mobile phone, then find out about the 5 most popular games in the world below.

Top 5 most popular online games free on Android mobile

Below I will tell you about the games that you can go to the Google Play Store and download for free. I gave all the games download links below-

1. PUBG MOBILE – Tencent games

If you want to know which is the most popular, best and most popular online first person shooting multiplayer game in the world, then it is PUBG MOBILE game.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. And, once you play this game, you can’t easily miss it.
The funniest thing about PUBG mobile games is the graphics, gameplay and concept of the game. You will be in a real world place from where you have to take many kinds of guns, bullets, health packs, bombs, cars, bikes and much more.

Then you have to kill the other 99 people who are with you in that place. You will win if you kill everyone. Looks like you’re actually on a mission.

You can talk to your team or the other 99 players while playing the game. This greatly increases the fun of playing online games.
Here you can play solo (alone), duo (two) and 4 people together and your team of 4 people will have to find and kill the remaining 96 people playing online.

You can play this fun online mobile game with your Facebook friends and a half, with people you know, or with people from any country. Simply, you need to have internet and PUBG mobile games installed on your mobile to play these games.

If you have this game installed on your mobile, you will not need any other mobile multiplayer game. This mobile game is free and everyone can download and play it from Google Play Store.

Download pubg MOBILE game

2. Guns Of Boom – online PvP Action

Now you have to make a team of 4 people with people like you in this android game and find the rest of the people. This multiplayer game is a bit like PUBG mobile. But hey, in some cases you can tell a game with a little more action.

Just stay with your own team and find others and their team. You will be given a variety of guns or tools by which you can beat another player. Here too you can play games with other people from home and abroad as a team.
Guns or boom is in my opinion the second best online mobile game that I like to play a lot.

Download Guns of Boom Game

3. 8 Ball Pool

Now if you enjoy playing pool games, you can start playing these games with your Facebook friends or other people on your Android mobile.

A pool game is a table where there are six pockets and where you have to shoot small balls on the table with a stick (cue). Somewhat similar to the carom board but much different from it.

8 ball pool is an online multiplayer game free where you can challenge people from home and abroad to play matches and play online pool games with them.

Hey, you can challenge your Facebook friends and play pool games with them with your Android mobile.

Download 8 ball pool

4. Ludo king – online ludo games

Now if you like playing ludo games, then let’s play this ludo game online with your friends or with other people from home and abroad. Hey, this online ludo mobile game gives you that advantage.

Download Ludo king game on mobile and keep playing ludo as solo (alone) or multiplayer online.

Here you can play with four people just like a normal ludo game. Now the other three may be friends you know or strangers in another country. But, playing this Android game online free on your mobile will be much better.

Download Online Ludo Games

5. Asphalt 8: Airborne – Racing Games

If you like car racing games, you will love asphalt 8 airborne. First of all, this game is very popular as an Android mobile racing game and this racing game is famous in many countries.

Then, the graphics of the Asphalt 8 game are much better and you will feel like you are playing a racing game on a PlayStation 3 or computer.

Other than that, now you don’t have to race alone as you can play this game as a multiplayer with your online friends. That means you and many more like you can race together on the internet.

Download AsphaltRacing Game

Our last word

So friends, I hope you enjoy playing the 5 most popular online multiplayer games free on Android mobile. Because, these games you have to play through internet and these are very different from normal mobile games where you and other people like you can play games together.

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