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After creating the website, the first thing we focus on is visitor. Visitor is basically the life of a website. I will focus on some of the best ways to increase and retain visitors to the website organically.

How to bring visitors to website

Social media

When a website is new built then no one knows about that website. Social media can be the easiest and most effective way to reach your website’s target visitors. In this case, if you have a good idea about Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit, then you can easily divert visitors from these social media sites to your website dramatically.


In this era, no website can be in a very good position without social media promotion (manual or paid promotion). A teenager spends 10+ hours a day on social media in Asia’s countries where an adult spends 3 hours a day on YouTube, 3 to 4 hours on Facebook, 1 or more hours on Snapchat, and 3 to 4 hours on Instagram and 1 hour on Twitter in Asia. From this, it is understood how important social media is to increase the visitors of the website.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be one of the main ways to increase visitors to any type of website organically, new or old. In search engines, we search by typing different keywords to get accurate information; we usually visit the first 2-3 websites from the websites that come first in the search results.

The main function of search engine optimization (SEO) is to bring the website to the top page of the search results. However, the scope of search engine optimization (SEO) is very large, before starting it needs to have a full idea about on page, off page, title and image optimization, keyword research, backlinks, etc.

Forum posting / Q&A site

Another great way to get traffic to a website is through forum postings and Q&A sites. People post on forums and question-and-answer sites asking for information in a different way. If you provide a link to your website with some information about what the visitor wants to know, the traffic from those sites will go to your site surely. However, care must be taken when answering questions on forum sites or question-answer sites. There are many forum sites that do not like to share links to other websites or unrelated information. So before you start working on these sites, you need to take a good look at their rules.

Video marketing to attract visitors to your website

Video marketing can be another absolutely great way to bring visitors to a website. By posting niche related videos on video sharing websites and sharing the link of the website in the description, the visitors of the website can be increased by sending the visitors from that video to their own website.

Blog comment

Blog comments can be another good way to bring visitors to a website. You have to find the niche related blogs and comment on the comment option and make the link of the site hyperlinked. As a result, the visitors of that blog will visit your website through that link. Now blog commenting feature is not working properly as for spamming activities increasing.

However, when creating a blog comment to create backlink, you have to keep in mind that the backlinks we are taking from the site must be niche related and comment must be original not copy/paste type comments. Otherwise Google will not value that back link.

You don’t just have to bring visitors to a website. Arrangements must be made to retain that visitor on your website. Apart from this, it is seen that many visitors close site after the website is loaded. This is a very bad sign for any website. As a result, the bounce rate of the website increases. Bounce rate is not good for a website. It’ll impact badly for your website ranking.

What is the bounce rate?

We see that the bounce rate is always expressed as%. Bounce rate is a percentage that means “how many% of total visitors have visited your website without visiting any other page” meaning that if your website has a total of 2000 visitors, out of 2000, your home page will be loaded for 600. Shuts down your website without visiting any page but your website bounce rate will be 30%.

The question may be what is the standard amount of bounce rate of the website? % Of the following bounce rate is considered as standard in online industry.

Bounce rate

Less than 30%

41% – 55%

56% – 60%

More than 80%


Very good


Not very good

Too bad

A visitor just doesn’t really have to be on the website. Content should be placed on the website to take him or attract him to other pages of the website.

Let’s know how the bounce rate of the website increases. That is why after a visitor visits your website, he leaves the homepage without visiting any other pages of your site.

fulfill demand of your visitors

It is very important that you have an idea of ​​what kind of content a visitor can expect from your website. You must have this type of content on your website. Suppose a visitor enters a website to buy a car. But the site he is visiting is a car review site. Since the visitor’s expectations are not fulfilled here, the visitor will close the website immediately.

Visitor are not understanding how to use your website

Many times we change the look of the website to make the website dynamic. As a result, visitors get annoyed and stop visiting the site. In this case, you should be careful in choosing the color and theme of the website before creating a website. Basically, site visitors are the life of a site. So you need to have a good idea about user experience before creating a website.


We understand that the main task is not only to bring visitors to the website but more importantly to keep the visitors of the website engaged and to take measures to ensure that the visitor visits the website again later. In other words, visitors have to make sure that “this website is perfect for the type of website or content they are looking for”.

7 ways to keep visitors on the website

1. Posting unique and informative content

One thing we all know about content. Content always plays an important role no matter what kind of website it is. Before writing content and publishing it on the site, make sure that the article is unique and informative. If the content is unique and informative, the visitors are more engaged on that site. Important thing is every search engine love unique content and rank those website where have enough unique content.

2. Interesting picture

Photos / images play an important role to increasing the visitors of any website. If a website is linked with a beautiful attractive photo on social media and other platforms, the website gets more visitors than usual.

3. Websites loading time

A survey found that a visitor normally takes 3 to 5 seconds to visit a website. This means that if a site does not load within 3 to 5 seconds, the visitor gets annoyed and refrains from visiting the website. So it is understood that website speed plays an important role to increasing the visitors of site. So speed up your site for your visitors.

4. Responsive or user friendly website design

Not all devices have the same screen, Responsive means that sites can load everything equally on PCs, laptops, phones, tablets and there is no problem in receiving data on any devices. Before creating a website, you need to make sure that the site is responsive in different devices as like laptop, tablet, mobile, etc.

5. Have the option to comment on the site and reply quickly

If there is engagement in the comment section, the number of regular visitors of the website increases several times. For this, the comment section of the content option of the site has to be turned on. As a result, visitors ask different types of questions at different times. When the answers to these questions go to the author of the site, he replies. As a result, an email is sent to the questioner’s mail. As a result, even if you want to read the replay of the author, you visit the website again.

6. Stay active on social media

Another important thing is to stay active on social media. This increases the chances of visitors coming from social media.

7. Increasing hyperlinks / internal links

Hyperlink / Internal link is very important in any post of website. Let’s say you are writing an article about popular places in China. But you have already written an article about street food in China. If you want, you can tag the title of Street Food along with your main article. As a result, you will get visitors for the main content, as well as there will be a chance to visit the internally linked page. It’s very important to have internal link on a blog post to get search engine ranking quickly.

Thanks to everyone, I hope you have read this article and you have got some important ideas on how to increase the visitors of the website and how to keep those visitors.

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