Most Powerful Military forces in the World

Military power enhances the dignity of a country’s sovereignty. Most countries in the world have their own military forces. In today’s blog, I have tried to present information about some of the most powerful military forces in the world.

Statistical report about four powerful military forces

Most Powerful Military forces- According to the order of the military power in some countries

1. The United States

Number of troops: 1.4 million; The capacity of the Navy as a ton: 34 lakh 15 thousand 893 tons; Aircraft: 13 thousand 892; Tank: 8 thousand 848; Military spending: 577 billion US dollars per year;

2. Russia

Number of soldiers: 7 lakh 66 thousand; The capacity of the Navy as a ton: 8 lakh 45 thousand 730 tons; Aircraft: 3 thousand 429; Tank: 15 thousand 398; Military spending: 60 billion US dollars per year;

3. China

Number of soldiers: 23 lakh 33 thousand; The capacity of the Navy as a ton: 70 lakh 8 thousand 86 tons; Fighter: 2,860; Tank: 9 thousand 150; Military expenditure: $ 145 billion per year;

4. India

Number of soldiers: 13 lakh 25 thousand; The capacity of the navy as a ton: 31 lakh 7 thousand 772 tons; Aircraft: 1 thousand 905; Tank: 6 thousand 464; Military spending: 38 billion US dollars per year;

United States Military Force

Most Powerful Military forces- Although the military budget reduces, the United States is still the most powerful country in the world.

This information was given in a report on globalization of credit Suisse.

Credit Suisse created this list with importance on 6 topics, including the number of soldiers, tanks, helicopters, fighter aircraft, aircraft carriers and submarines.

Here the military power has been considered by number. The soldiers and their weapons were not taken into consideration.

China and Russia is the biggest contender with the US. Canada is weak in military strength compared to other countries.

Let’s know, 10 countries in the military’s top-

1. The United States Military Force

The United States spent $ 601 billion in the military sector, which is more than any other country. They have 10 big fighter carriers. There is no such carrier in any other country. India has the highest carrier after US. And India has made its third career. The United States has the largest army in the world.

2. Russia’s military sector

Russia has the largest tank and fighter fleet after the United States. Russia has the largest submarine after US and China. Even, Russia has made their budget bigger in the military sector. Russia has also proved its superiority in military power, by sending troops to Syria. Russia’s budget is $ 84.5 billion. The submarine has 55 and the number of tanks is 15,398.

3. China’s military power

China’s military power has increased very rapidly over the last few decades. If only the number of soldiers is captured, then China is the world’s largest army. There are a total of 23.33 million members in their army fleet. After Russia, they have the largest tank reserves and the China has the largest submarine after US. China has taken a long time to modernize the military. Among them, there are plans to build intercontinental missiles and the fifth technology.

4. Indian most active army

India has one of the strongest military forces in the world. The country has the most active army after the United States and China. There are 6,464 tanks and 1,905 warships. India also has nuclear weapons. It is expected that by 2020, India will be the fourth largest country in military power.

Some Powerful Military forces untold


Italy has 2 active warfare carriers. There are plenty of submarines and helicopters in Italy, which is made this country top of the list. Italian budget for the military sector is $ 34 billion

United Kingdom

Between 2010 and 2018, the United Kingdom plans to reduce its army by 20 percent. Their Navy plans to add HMS Queen Elizabeth Fighter Carrier. It will be added in 2020. These 40TF-35B fighter aircraft can carry. UK military budget of 60.5 billion dollars.


Turkey has the largest military forces in the eastern Mediterranean. There is no Warship carrier in the country; but the submarine is much more. Turkey has 1020 warships and 3778 tanks. Their budget for the military sector is 8.2 billion US dollars.

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