NASA scientists cultivate radish in space

NASA scientists cultivate- NASA scientists have informed to success in cultivating radishes in artificial satellites. Radish has been cultivated on an artificial satellite called ‘International Space Station’ (ISS). What if the earth were to become uninhabitable one day, and what would happen if a catastrophe suddenly struck?

To find the answer to this unimaginable question, science aims to remove the settlements from the earth to the moon and Mars. For this reason, scientists are finding the universe by using artificial satellites and rockets to get right places for living. They are spending months out of the world. Scientists are now trying to figure out how to cultivate different vegetables to get sufficient foods there naturally.

Eventually that experiment brought some success through radish cultivation in Space Laboratory. NASA has opened a picture of a small tree sprouting from the seed Habitat-2 in the Columbus Lab module of the ISS. Radish saplings with 20 green leaves can be seen in the picture amazingly.

What is the cause of sudden radish cultivation?

NASA scientists cultivate radish: According to the scientists, it does not take much time to cultivate radish, moreover, radish can be eaten raw. There are proper nutritional values also.

Its samples will be sent to the earth to test whether the radish is produced properly. Trees respond best to blue and red light. The box is cultivated in LED light. Farming is done with more than 180 sensors.

Scientists cultivate radish in space. Scientists cultivate radish in space.

Why NASA scientists think to explore another planet for living?

NASA scientists are concerned about earth nature few decades ago. They are trying to find new planet like earth nature for surviving. It’s a nature of man to explore something new. To explore new things man are destroying earth nature day by day. Men are using different types of weapons. Most of the weapons are dangerous for this earth nature and animals. So we need to go out from this earth and find out new earth for living. NASA scientists are exploring new planet for living like Alien.

Scientists cultivate radish in space. NASA scientists cultivate radish in space. NASA scientists cultivate radish . Scientists cultivate radish.

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