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Coronavirus vaccine by China: Chinese scientists working on the Covid-19 vaccine claim they are 99% sure it will work. Researchers from the Beijing-based research institute Sinovac Biotech confirmed this to Sky News, a UK broadcaster. Sky News is the first British broadcaster to visit the laboratory in Sinovac.

Coronavirus vaccine by China Sinovac Biotech

The Beijing-based Sinovac biotech company is building a commercial plant with the goal of supplying 100 million vaccine doses for the next step.

coronavirus vaccine, developed by Sinovac, is currently in the second phase of clinical trials. One thousand volunteers are being vaccinated to see if it is safe.
Researchers at Sinovac told Sky News they were in preliminary talks with the UK government to begin the third phase of clinical trials. Sinovac Biotech researcher Luo Baishan was asked how optimistic he is about the success of the vaccine. In response, he said, ‘It will definitely succeed 99% sure. ‘

Corona vaccine production company in China

Last month, Sinovac Biotech published their findings in the academic journal Science, claiming that their vaccine, called coronavac, had been successfully tested on monkeys. It was able to prevent corona infections in monkeys. However, the decline in the number of patients has become a major problem for Sinovac Biotech in China. Testing the vaccine at the epidemic stage becomes difficult there. As a result, the company is looking for a place where there is more corona infection to complete the third stage of the test.
Helen Yang, senior director of investor relations, told Sky News: “We are in talks with a number of European countries and also with the United Kingdom. It is currently in the early stages of negotiations.”

Corona vaccine direct production once the vaccine is tested and approved

Orange and white packets are already prepared at the company’s headquarters in northwest Beijing. Their goal is to do direct production once the vaccine is tested and approved. The company is building a huge commercial plant for vaccine production in another area of Beijing.
“We would advise, not everyone needs to be vaccinated,” Young said. We are discussing and advising with the governments of different countries about this. Then we will first look at high-risk populations, including health workers and the elderly. Their mortality rate is higher by Coronavirus. Honestly, the vaccine has to be developed step by step as a lot. ‘

Of course, the vaccine is not expected very soon. The third phase will take several months after the completion of the second phase. Once the effectiveness of the vaccine is known, approval will be required. Asked if he is sure of success, Young told Sky News, “It is very difficult to say at this moment. There is uncertainty, but the collected data says that so far everything is going well.”

Corona Vaccine Politics

Coronavirus vaccine by china

More than 100 vaccines are being worked on around the world, according to Reuters. About 10 of these vaccines have been tested in humans. The race to bring the world’s first vaccine has begun. However, the question arises as to how the vaccine will be distributed and whether the producing countries will prioritize their populations first.

AstraZeneca, a drug maker working with the University of Oxford in the UK, said that if they could make a vaccine, the UK would be the first to get it.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has promised that after China produces the vaccine, it will be made available to all peoples of the world, although it’s practical results are unclear. European Union leaders have made similar promises, but US President Donald Trump has not.

“We are already considering not only China, but the whole world,” said Yang, a senior official at Sinovac. Not only to conduct an experiment, but also to consider how to solve the problems of countries outside China, including China.

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