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Singapore tourism- In just 40 to 50 years, Singapore has created a unique history by becoming a fully developed country from one underdeveloped Third World country. Singapore, which was achieved independence in 1965, was a country full of rugged, uncontrolled and conflict. But they did not stop there. By taking timely plans and appropriate decisions, they have taken their country at a level that it is now a great attraction for tourists from different countries. In our today’s blog, we will talk about various aspects of Singapore travel, as well as talk about these revolutionary changes.

A brief history and at the bad situation of Singapore

Originally Singapore gained independence from the British in 1963, but they were still included in Malaysia. In 1965, they separated from Malaysia and formed their own independent sovereign country. At that time there was nothing to say about Singapore. Singapore’s identity was as a fishing center. Most people of the time were uneducated and the fishing was the only way of executing their life. The country of 716 sq km was a word of crime and poverty-related fisheries business center.


There was nothing to mention the small city state. Natural resources are the only key for the development of the country, for those who believe in the words, for information, there are no enough natural resources in Singapore. Law and order situation was also very bad due to the conflict between Malay and Chinese. In one word, there was a difference as like sky between Singapore and now Singapore. Nobody thought that Singapore would ever be able to enroll in the list of developed countries after coming out of this disaster.

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Turning point of Singapore

Singapore tourism– Under the disaster, the responsibility to take the country forward after which he is the first Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Kuan. He is called the father of modern Singapore. In 1965, Lee Kuan played pioneering role in separating the country from Malaysia. After that, the country is in a strong position. In his effort and intelligence, gradually, Singapore began to walk on the path of light. He first established the rule of law in the country and reduced crime trends. After that, he took a massive plan to utilize the country’s only asset the people. He evaluated the honesty of the human being more than the merits, and more so than merit. It seems to him that there is no value to all the teachings and merit of man unless he is honest.

As a result, the unemployment rate decreased to just 3 percent in a few years, the growth increased to about 8 percent. With the prudence of Lee Kuan, Singapore started making computer parts from 1980th. In order to encourage the arrival of tourists in the country, Singapore Changi Airport was opened in 1981 and Singapore Airlines was established. After that there was no need to look back.

Singapore Tour-How to go, where you spend time, travel cost and other Information

Singapore’s Environment and Travel

Singapore tourism– Leading behind all the plight, Singapore today is the 22nd richest country in the world. Singapore is the fourth in Asia in terms of quality of living. 83 percent of the people here live in the developed housing estate. These statistics say that Singapore is no less a part than any advanced state of Europe.

One of the few things from Singaporeans will more impressed you as like the free and safe movement of women on the road. There is a very effective law on this matter. If a man gives an obscene look to a woman, then the woman will then be able to complain against him. Immediately the system will be taken in such a way that the man will not dare to repeat the crime. There are also numerous white dress police spreading in the streets of the city to see these issues.


Another nice thing is the cleanliness here…Where dirty dunking is a criminal offense. If someone does that, then he has to serve as a sweeper in the area for one day and take part in cleanliness seminars!

Whose desire to travel completely to a country full of corruption free, cleanliness and better! Singapore may be a great destination if you want to get a taste of travel in Europe. For this reason, Singapore is a popular name for tourists from different countries of the world. So let’s know some information about Singapore travel.

a country in Southeast Asia that consists of the island of Singapore (linked by a causeway to the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula) and about 54 smaller islands; population 4,657,500 (est. 2009); capital, Singapore City; official languages, Malay, Chinese, Tamil, and English.

When you will go to Singapore

Singapore tourism– Due to location in Southeast Asia, the temperature and humidity in Singapore are high throughout the year. That’s why you can travel to Singapore at any time of the year.

July to September is the highest number of tourists in Singapore. At this time you can join many festivals and events. Among these, one of the famous Singapore Festivals (Sale Festival) and Food Festival is one of the best. From February to April the crowd is less and the weather is quite temperate. From November to January there are monsoons in Singapore. This time there is sufficient rainfall. If you want to avoid the rain, it would be better not to travel to Singapore at this time.

How to go to Singapore from Dhaka

There is Singapore consulate in Dhaka, but Singapore has not been granted visa from there. There are several approved agents for visas; you can get a visa from there. To get a visa, you must get invited to anyone from Singapore. Visa fees are 30 Singaporean dollars.

Air ticket information from Dhaka to Singapore Travel 

From Dhaka to Singapore, you can go…Get direct or one stop flight. Jet Airways, Malinda Air, Biman Bangladesh, Malaysian Airlines and many other international airlines can go to Singapore. In that case, the cost will be from 17,640 taka to 21.222 taka. Among the domestic airlines, Regent Airlines, US Bangla Airways, and Bangladesh Biman you can go to Singapore. The cost will be 16,000 to 20,000 taka. It will be good if you keep booking advance before a month of travel. In that case, the cost will be reduced somewhat. However, it will not be necessary to run the airline’s office or travel agency to make a flight ticket.

What to see in Singapore?

Singapore is a small country. Tourists are getting an extra benefit because of being a small town state of only 716 sq km. That is, it is possible to see a lot of things within a short time. But this does not mean that the number of sights in Singapore is less! There are many amazing places to enjoy in the traffic jam-free city. We have discussed some such places for your convenience.

Singapore zoo

This Singapore Zoo is known as one of the country’s amazing attractions. The difference from the general zoo is that wild animals here are not tied in a cage. A specially designed environment has been created for them and they are free to live there. What could be more wonderful than seeing a wild creature going on its own path with you in a suitable environment! If you have a hobby of wildlife photography, then you can take it from here. About 1.6 million visitors visit this zoo every year.

Time limit: 8.30am to 6pm

Ticket Value: Adult – 20 US Dollars, Children 3 Dollars

Address: 80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826

Merlion Park Singapore

Go to Singapore and do not see the Merlion Park, it cannot be. This establishment is considered as Singapore’s pride and emblem. Merlion statute is 28 feet tall. Its head is lion’s and body fish. By this statue, Singaporeans want to prove that they did not forget the past history of their country as a fish business. From here, you can enjoy the beauty of the entire Marina Bay. In all, the place’s atmosphere is very nice.


Singapore Flyer

One of the unique attractions of Singapore is the Flyer. It is regarded as the world’s largest Ferris wheel. This wheel, which was released at a cost of $ 240 million, was opened to the public in 2008. What could be more romantic than watching the 360-degree spectacular Singaporean fluttering at night! In special circumstances, if you wish, you can also take your dinner in this wheel. Here is where one can get some wonderful feeling.

Time limit: 8.30am to 10.30pm

Tickets: Adult 33 U.S. Dollars, Child $ 21 USD


Address: 30 Raffles Avenue.

Singapore Museum of History

Another wonderful place to visit in Singapore is its history museum. To know about Singapore’s history and culture, there is no alternative to visit this museum. This museum is located in a beautiful Marble stone white palace. It is not only Singapore, but also the historical elements of Asia and the various historical areas of Asia have been carefully stored. There is also a separate section designed for children.

Time limit: 10am to 8pm

Tickets: Adult 10 US Dollars, Children, Students and Older – 5 US Dollars

Address: 30 Merchant Road, River Side Point.

China Town

Visit to China Town to gain a variety of experiences. Like other country’s China town, here Chinese are also very popular. Small shops will be available in different types of goods. Visit the Chinese Heritage Center to explore here. You can see the excellent Sri Mariamman Temple.

Buddha’s dental preserved museum or Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum


This famous temple and museum is located in the center of Chinatown in Singapore. On the fourth floor of this temple, a great Buddha’s teeth are preserved on the 320 kilograms of gold stacks. It’s also open for visitors to visit. Thousands of Buddhists come here every year. Apart from Buddhists, other religious people also come in freely.

Time limit: 9am to 6pm

Accessible: Free.

Gardens by the Bay

Singapore tourism

Gardens by the Bay is a large park that has been built on 250 acres of land on the edge of the marina rijarware. This huge park was developed with three large waterfront gardens. Here you will be fascinated by a mixture of thousands of different species of trees and lace shrubs. If you feel exhausted in the urban environment, then you can refresh the body and come to the calm green environment here.

The time limit is 9am to 9pm

Access: 28 US Dollars

Address: 18, Marina Gardens Drive.

Raffles Hotel

This hotel is one of Singapore’s oldest buildings. The hotel was founded in 1887. Many famous people have stayed in this hotel at different times. Among them are Rudyard Kipling, Joseph Conrad, Charlie Chaplin and many others. This hotel involves many traditions of Singapore. It is said that this hotel has become a part of Singapore’s culture today, passing through a long way. So much so that the hotel is still offering excellent services! Food quality is also very standard.

Sentosa Island

Singapore is not very famous for the beach. But if you still wish to spend time on the beach, then sentosa Island will be a great destination. This small Island can be done both ways the water and the ground. The Siloso beach is very nice here. Here is the famous merlion statue. See also Siloso Fort and Universal Studios Singapore.

Where to stay in Singapore

You have to stay in Singapore for a few days to travel. If you are not a relative or a friend, then you must keep the news of the hotel in advance. If you can go ahead with advance booking, the cost will be reduced to a little bit. We offer the best hotel name and phone number for your convenience.

Singapore’s Best Hotel List

Intercontinental Singapore – +65 6338 7600

Four Seasons Singapore – +65 6734 1110

Mandarin Oriental – +65 6338 0066

The Fullerton Hotel – +65 6733 8388

The Ridge Carlton Millennia – +65 6337 8888

Shangri La Hotel – +65 6737 3644

Noumi Hotel – +65 6403 6000

Park Royal on Pickering – +65 6809 8888

St. Regis Hotel – +65 6506 6888

Hotel Indigo Singapore – +65 6723 7001

Hopefully our blog data will help you a little bit. Finish your wishful and safe Singapore trip. Hopefully it’ll be a budget tour and you’ll get the best tourist attraction with top travel site.

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