Trump news- Biden wants to destroy American greatness

Biden wants to destroy ‘American greatness’: Trump

Trump news- In a speech, US President Donald Trump agreed to Republicans in the run-off election amid a spate of racial tensions and a deadly coronavirus epidemic, saying Democrats want to destroy their electoral rival “American greatness.” Trump accepts Republican nomination.

Former US real estate tycoon Trump has declared himself the representative of the Americans, claiming that it would be a major setback for the United States if his “weak” Democratic rival, Joe Biden, wins the November 3 presidential election.

President Trump said, “This election will decide whether we can save the American dream.” Joe Biden is not a defender of American identity. He is the destroyer of American jobs and he will be the destroyer of American greatness when given the opportunity.”

Trump statement

Trump news- At the Republican National Convention, attended by hundreds of people at the White House, Trump called the coronavirus a “China virus,” blaming China for spreading the virus. And he has been speaking out against China most of the time.

“Biden is a puppet of China and if he wins, China will be the owner of our country,” he said. I have taken action against them for various misdeeds in China, but Biden called it racist and ridiculous. If we listened to him, many Americans would lose their lives.

“I am very polite to say that I have done more for African-Americans than any other president since Abraham Lincoln,” Trump said.

He claims that he has done more for blacks in his four years in power than Joe Biden has in his 47 years in politics.

Republican Party election manifesto

Trump news- Trump’s Republican Party has announced an election manifesto ahead of this week’s party conference. It highlights 10 key commitments. Among them is the promise to end dependence on China only after the abolition of jobs and corona.

Trump’s election campaign says he will bring back 1 million jobs in the manufacturing sector from China and blame the country for spreading the coronavirus worldwide.

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