Joe Biden age- US Presidential Campaign

Joe Biden age- Joe Biden has a long way to go to become a potentially important president.

Joe Biden has announced Kamala Harris of Indian descent as the Democratic Party’s vice-presidential candidate. The California senator is the first black woman in U.S. history and of Indian descent to run for president on behalf of a major political party.

Not only that, she will run for vice president as the third woman in the history of the US presidential election.

Biden also said he was interested in strengthening ties with India. Preparations for the presidential election are in full swing in the United States.

Vote bank

Joe Biden age- Democratic presidential candidate and former US vice president Joe Biden is eyeing Indians as his potential vote bank.

He said he would overturn the suspension order that Donald Trump brought on H-1B visas if he came to power.

Biden also said he was interested in strengthening ties with India. Presidential elections in America is next November.

He also referred to India as America’s ‘natural partner’. “India and the United States need each other for security and safety,” he said.

Strengthening relations with India will be one of the key goals of his administration, Biden said.

Joe Biden recalled that the Indo-US Civil Nuclear Agreement was signed during the eight years that he was the Vice President of the United States. And Biden said he was proud to have played a key role in finalizing the deal.

Joe Biden attended the Digital Town Hall meeting on the issue of the Asian American and Pacific Islander group. There he told all this.

Joe Biden said the upcoming election is going to be the most important battle in America’s voting field at this difficult time.

Relationship between Joe Biden and president Donald Trump

The relationship between current US Vice President Joe Biden and elected President Donald Trump has never been sweeter. Biden became embroiled in controversy by announcing at the start of the election campaign that he would not support Trump. Since then, the two have been headlined many times. Biden called on Trump to become a full-fledged adult after being elected president.

In the atmosphere of corona-terror, new caste-protests have resurfaced in the United States. Meanwhile, Donald Trump accepted the party’s nomination proposal at a colorful ceremony at the White House newly for second time. And Mike punched Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden for 70 minutes. “None of you will be safe when Biden arrives,” Trump said.

Last week, Biden repeatedly attacked Trump without naming him on immigration, health insurance, etc., in accepting party nominations. As Trump finished his speech, Biden tweeted: “How safe are you in Donald Trump’s America? Look at that question and ask yourself.”

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