We are alien probably because we use technology to lead our life comfortably. We use technology to dominate others in the world. There is no one else we know who uses technology in natural life but human. We need weapons to destroy natural life. But there is no one who use weapons to destroy their natural living environment.


We are men encrypted by DNA information and all time we are finding something exceptional knowledge to go to another planet. Probably we are lost our path to go our mother planet. This earth is not our mother land.  If this earth is being our mother planet we do not use weapons to destroy natural balance. As we know that we are not interested to lead our life in nature. We use to live here by our need and we make home by our knowledge. Our home is not natural. We make our home by artificial knowledge. There is no natural approval.


We are the real alien human being so we use to make ourselves extraordinary with our weapons. Our technology, weapon and over all our knowledge is better than any animal knowledge we think. But we are not for earth. We do not love earth nature. We just use this planet nature for our living. We are not trying to save earth nature.

Man vs animal alien probability

ALIEN RESURRECTION- There are many causes you can find out from the nature that we are not earth animal. You can find out many things that why we are alien in this earth. Just think yourself from different perspective. You will get more information about us. We have some different languages. But there is no different languages for cow, dog, cat, elephant, or any other animals in the world. Their mother tongue is almost same. But men have different languages in different places. We have different religions and different believes. But animal have nothing different religion or different believer. They are same and natural. They do not destroy their nature. They only try to get food from nature and they live very simply in nature.

On the other hand men create their own artificial environment and copy/paste the nature. Men are getting help from nature but nature is not getting help from people. We are trying to make different technology day by day. Even we’re destroying forest regularly. But no animals in nature are doing to develop their technology. We are so different from other animals in the world. We are cosmic animal yet but not owner of earth. Owner of the earth is different animals who are not destroying their living place.

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About the Author: K.Homer

Blogger and love to read different things online. My word is simple...I think, we are the real alien in this earth with our worse technology.