YouTube blogging is easy than blog writing

YouTube blogging- article writing is a simple, easy and creative way for writer who wants to express something exceptionally. There are many who cannot write well. I mean they cannot express their word by writing. But there are some opportunities for them as an alternative way to express their word by blogging.

This is called video blogging. It’s a way very responsive and popular for all. No exceptionality you have needed. It’s a quick method to reach people all over the world with your voice. You do not have need exceptional voice. You need only a good configured mobile or camera device. Okay, you can turn for blogging.

YouTube blogging who cannot write blog well

Some are in the world very much popular on YouTube by video blog. Some of them are not very much educated. But they earn a lot of views on their created simple videos. Some are in there who earn smart income on YouTube by video monetization.

It’s very easy path to get reach people if you have some easy SEO techniques. No need to write blog attractive and engaging every day. No need to get a unique domain, hosting plan and blog website. You need only an account of YouTube. You do not have any need to maintain security of your YouTube channel. Just make video content regularly and focus on what is recently happened in the world. What you love to do every day is your subject for your video content.

Some important things for YouTube blogging

Do not copy/paste from other video content. YouTubing is not very complex like blog writing. You can make your video in any language. You’ll get reach if you have in focus on your videoblogging. You just love your work what you’re doing and discuss with your close, closest or any person you know about your video work. I think what you love to do, there are many who love to do that. So you’ll obviously get views.

You should have a particular niche on YouTube. Your particular niche will help you more to get reach targeted people. When you publish your video blog on YouTube just think and write a unique title what you’ve created on video. Do not search from YouTube or Search Engine to get knowledge that what you can write as a title for your video content. You just write title what you’ve done on your video.  No need to read others for education to write unique title. If you go other video for getting knowledge that what you can write as your title you lose your uniqueness. It’s a simple code of video blogging.

YouTube Video Blog Sharing and Discussing

Second step is much easy than first step. YouTube blogging platform have a unique feature to share any videos for your friends and community all over the world. When you will complete your first step you just share your video to many social platforms. At first you can talk with your close friends about your videos manually. Then you can tell him/her to share your videos what you can from your side.

You will get organic views day by day if your videos have a helping hand. I mean if anybody gets help from your videos they surely watch your vblog and discuss your videos with others. I’ve watched some videos and I’ve subscribed there because I’ve got help. Besides I’ve discussed with my friends. No one motivated to share their videos. But when I’ve got help I’ve done that organically. So you should have a plan to create video from viewer perspective. If your viewer gets help from your video they will come again and again. Keep going for your next video blogging and get success. Do not panic.

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