Aliens are monitoring every step of human life

Aliens are monitoring every step of life in the world but mainly human life. Human life is more likely alien.

Aliens monitoring human!!!

Many years ago man was come to this earth with their spaceship. They had come from a planet with their extraordinary technology. But in earth nature they had fallen in trouble. They had lost some of their spaceship. Their spaceships were destroyed by natural disaster. Man had lost signal from their mother planet. Some of them were safe that time and they went back to their mother planet.

But who lost their spaceship they were gone to survival life in this earth nature. We are man walking from that time to present to explore something exceptional to go back to our mother planet. We lost everything day by day. But we do not lose our DNA information. We discover, how we can go to our mother planet one day. Even we can fly without wings. We can make different technology what there are no one else who can make in nature. We have technology and we can rediscover our path to go to our mother planet. On the other hand our friends, our community, our mother planet was trying to get our signal and they were near with us from many years ago. We forgot them at a time. But now a day we have rediscovered their presence.

Aliens colony

Aliens are very near with us who are likely as ours. They are monitoring us. They are trying to get closer with us. And they are helping to develop our technology to rediscover our origins. We had come to this earth for exploring something in this earth.

But we are encrypted by earth nature. Now the time to regain our lose memory to go to our mother planet. We are alien. Yes we are the real alien with our extraordinary knowledge and weapons. May be we have to go from this earth. And we will leave some worse knowledge for this earth. Or we will destroy this earth with our weapons.

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About the Author: K.Homer

Blogger and love to read different things online. My word is simple...I think, we are the real alien in this earth with our worse technology.