Mushroom benefits

Mushroom benefits- Mushroom is one of the healthiest foods. Mushroom nutrition is relatively high and its protein is very good and extremely beneficial to the human body. The prerequisite for a complete... Read more »

Meat Substitute Products

Hunger and Health Drifting The Crowd Toward Meat Substitute Products Meat substitute refers to those plant-based products. Valuing the importance of increasing health consciousness among people, most of the meat-producing companies are... Read more »

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Health benefits of eating sugar apple

Health benefits of eating sugar apple- The fruit is called sugar apple, it is delicious, and it is also very beneficial for health. In some places, it is also known as Sita... Read more »

How to make cold coffee at home easy

How to make Cold Coffee Step 1: Put ice cubes in the pot of the blender, and add coffee, milk, honey, cream and about two table spoon ice cream. If you don’t... Read more »

best street foods of India

Best street foods of India- Everyone likes to eat outside the house. The only street foods match a little different taste from monotonous home food. The list is available in JHALMURI, JILAPI,... Read more »

Traditional food in old Dhaka

Traditional food- The famous food chain of historic Dhaka started in the local and Afghan-dominated population of the Sultanate before the Mughal rule. The food culture later became perfection in the Mughal... Read more »

Ajwa Dates Benefits

Benefits of Eating Dates- Phoenix dactylifera-generally known as date or date palm- is a flowering plant species in the palm family-Arecaceae-cultivated for its edible sweet fruit. Dates are one kind of delicious... Read more »

benefits of lemon water and lemon peel

Lemon nourishment benefits of lemon water- Lemon is a nutritious fruit. When the heat is severe in summer, only then a glass of lemon can refresh you. Lemon is used to increase... Read more »

Benefits of watermelon juice and seeds

Benefits of watermelon juice- Many people like watermelon. This fruit of sweet flavored is rich in antioxidants and minerals; it’s very good for health. Some incredible health benefits of watermelon One of... Read more »
Cool-vegetables Foods to reduce body heat

Foods to reduce body heat in summer

Most of the foods we eat raise our body temperature. There is no substitute for food to get energy in the body. However, there are some foods that provide energy as well... Read more »