CIGARETTE SMOKING IS DANGEROUS FOR HUMAN HEALTH- Smoking is one of the bad habit which is spreading very fast all over the world, but at time there are also 60% people who did not know that why smoking is dangerous for human health, its composition contain what type of compound which are dangerous effects for human health. So we will discuss its composition step by step.

COMPOSITION-some important points of smoking effects



3-Carbon monoxide

4-Nitrogen oxides

5-Hydrogen cyanide

6-Radioactive compounds

7-Metals and

8-Different chemicals


Majority of particulates matter which is inhale by smoker contain “tar”. Within each particle of tar there are many components which are identified as carcinogens and tumor initiator. Tar can be stain and damage lung tissue, also increases production of mucous and phlegam. Tar can also cause cancer in kidneys, oral cavity, larynx and pancreas etc.


Nicotine is also harmful component of cigarette which have very bad effect on human health such as increased heart rate and blood pressure, constriction of blood vessels, damage to muscles, hormonal system and metabolism etc. Nicotine has also bad effect in increases platelet stickiness in blood which can cause blockage and coronary diseases.


Carbon monoxide is also component of cigarette but it is formed when cigarette is let. It is odorless and tasteless and in large doses than any other component so it is more fatal. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that it can also affect even those people who are not smoking but are nearer to smoker due to which passive smoking occur. It is related to heart diseases and affecting vision of a person. In fact it is not a carcinogens but it is thought to contribute to certain cancers like lung cancer. When carbon monoxide enters the airways, along with other toxic chemicals cause inflammation and increase risk of lung diseases so it inhibits respiratory systems ability to clean out airways with mucus.


Nitrogen oxides are found in high doses in cigarette smoke. It can cause emphysema because it damages the lung.


Hydrogen cyanide is responsible for bad effect on cilia. The cilia which are the part of lung clearance system in humans…So when lungs clearance system is damage the toxic agents build up which increases the risk of diseases.


Along with other metals radioactive compounds are also have been found in cigarette, and all of them are being carcinogens.


Some metals are also found in cigarette smoke, and approximately many of them are linked to cancer, like arsenic, nickel, cadmium, chromium and lead etc.


Tobacco also contains about 4000 different chemicals. And at least 50 of these contain cancer causing agents and other dangerous diseases.

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Health Effects of Passive Smoking

CIGARETTE SMOKING IS DANGEROUS FOR HUMAN HEALTH- Another very important term related to smoking is passive smoking. It is defined as breathing of smoke laden air by nonsmokers is known passive smoking. Many of nonsmokers are who are allergic to cigarette smoke because it produces irritation in their eyes and throats. Non smokers can also develop cancer by living continuously in that environment polluted with cigarette smoke. Also people don’t like the company of smokers due to bad smell that arise from their mouth. That’s why there are separate zones in Airo plane and restaurants. Also the government has banned smoking at public places and public transports. Smoking have bad health effects for human body…Smoking should be prohibited.

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