Cyber crime gender based?

Cyber crime gender based- There is debate regarding cyberspace crime that whether it is gender based or not. It doesn’t make any difference between men and women. Those who are hackers think from where they can earn their benefit. But in this new era with the high communication system women and girls are the victims of it more. Millions of women and girls around the world are fall in danger due to having easy access in the cyber world. These are making the living society more risky and uncomfortable.

“Women are more likely than men to be victims of severe forms of cyber violence and the impact on their lives is far more traumatic”, said Jurgita Peciuriene, EIGE’s program coordinator for gender-based violence.

Not only in our society but also other society of the world, there are many girls and women who have experienced sexual harassment stalking or violence from an intimate partner but in the later time when they have not good relation the same person affects the same girls or woman. These are the available scene in the present world. Women and girls are the more victims than the boys or men in this regard.

There some crimes in the cyberspace which happens only on women and girls. Cyber crimes like adult bullying, cyber stalking, hacking, defamation, morphed pornographic images, and electronic blackmailing are seen to happen with girls and women. These crimes except defamation are generally held on women and girls.

Besides those crimes which go for only women and girls, there are some crimes in the cyberspace which go for both male and female. Such as, hacking is happened both in male and female. Thus, there are some crimes which may only occur in case of male.

Pornography is related to women. The cyber criminals use morphed picture to harass a girl or woman. This kind of activity is related with them.

Most of the countries in the world face many problems for it. But it has no doubt that cyber crimes go to mainly girls and women. In social media they publish many obscene to harass the targeted person.

Recording voice is also a cyber crime. When it is published in the social media, that person reputation is hampered. Here the criminals may have not any intention to earn monetary benefit but they only want to harass them socially or internationally. These activities can be held both in case of male or female.

Women aged 18-24 are in high risk of cyber violence like stalking, sexual harassment etc but rest of the crimes are common to all young people. In the EU-18, there is seen that 18% women are victims of cyber violence from 15 years old. Their number in total is almost nine million people.

Cyber Crime in Bangladesh 

In Bangladesh cyberspace crimes has not developed very much. But now a day it is held among the young users of cyberspace for rapid growth of opportunity of internet. Young girls and boys make love relationship between them. Later it is often seen that being victims of the boy, she complains other person or goes to police to inform that she is harassed by her ex. boy friend. When they have intimate relation the boys take some photos or take video of that girl.

Then when their relationship is broken down, the boy tries to blackmail the girl demanding money or asking her to marriage with him. But it is a matter of sorrow that no judgment has held regarding cyber crimes against women in Bangladesh though there are available examples of them.

In Bangladesh it is also seen that the classmate of a girl harasses her in many ways. For example, when they sit in the class or visit any places, they take some intimate photos. In later time it is seen that the boy try to blackmail the girl saying that he wants to marry that girl or otherwise he will publish the photos publicly. This also happens in our country. Ultimately women and girls are the most victims in our country. So it is clear that crimes in the cyberspace can be held against both male and female. But cases and instances say that most of the happened crimes were against women in Bangladesh and also outside Bangladesh.

Who are the victims of Cyber Crimes?

It is known to that there entire are so many cyber crimes in our global world and everyone can be affected with these crimes. We all living in global village are touched with Internet technology. As we are in globalization, we are using computer and social media to make communication with others. Those who have Internet connection can be attacked with these crimes. Criminals try to identify those from whom they can get benefit in many ways demanding from them. So no one can think that he/she will not attack with these crimes.

All age people are under cyber crimes. Nine surveys were included. Survey shows, “Annual crime prevalence rates ranged from 1 to 3% for online shopping fraud, from less than 1 to 2% for online banking/payment fraud. Less than 1% of the population is a victim of other types of fraud and a maximum of 3% of the population experiences some sort of online bullying such as stalking (1%) or threatening (1%). 1–6% is a victim of hacking. The estimates for being a victim of malware range from 2 to 15%. For all offences it cannot be estimated how much of the differences are due to variation in methods and questioning between the studies or real differences between countries or change over time”.

So from above it is proved that no one can be from danger of cyber crimes. But when we use devices should be more careful to avoid these activities. The thing is more important is rationality. We should give emphasis on any issues with sufficient care to avoid the danger things of cyber crimes. In Bangladesh people are not in well expert regarding Internet technology. Gradually they are developing their knowledge about these types of activities. Most of the young people are using social media. So any time they can be attacked with the said crimes.

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Written by Mithun Kumar Saha, Department of Law, University of Dhaka.



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