Causes of Cyber Crime

Causes of Cyber Crime- Cyber World is created for the benefit of mankind. Human being is benefited for cyber world. But there are some miscreants who are creating the world risky and dangerous. There are some causes behind it. Some causes are below –

Some Causes of Cyber Crime

a) Easy access:

Modern world has given opportunity to use Internet technology at minimum cost. Everyone can freely enter the cyber world. As we know most of the person and industries do not pay full attention for the security of their respective accounts or Internet activities. For this reasons hackers can easily access to their accounts and hack their social media they use with criminal intention to destroy their information or to gain monetary benefit or any other benefits they need from the users.

b) Capacity to store data:

Hackers need much information to hack others. Without reasons or where there is no benefit for hackers, they do not try to hack them. Computer has unlimited space to store data. So hackers can easily use the information to hack other accounts.

c) Financial gain:

Ransomware is demanded to gain financial benefit of the miscreants in the cyberspace. Hackers or other criminals in the cyberspace always want to get benefits from the users.

d) Harassment:

Harassment is occurred for many reasons in the cyberspace. If anyone disagrees with other, he harasses that person with whom he is not agreed. User gets mental pressure through it. For harassing other one may hack other id or information which is good enough for harassing other party. Even a girl or a boy can harass other boy or girl if they are not in good relationship for monetary benefit or for hacker’s mental satisfaction. So harassment is another causes of Cyber Crime in the cyberspace.

e) Hacktivism:

Sometimes hacker wants to punish other but not for personal gain. Then he uses strategy to give him punishment. For example, DoS attack is used for punishment financial institutions.

f) Geopolitics:

To make one country down cyberspace has great importance. It can make a country develop one. Viruses are created to monitor or sabotage other nations system. Doing this hacker country can collect information from that country. Powerful countries do this to keep down other countries in the world.

g) Negligence:

Negligence is another reason for cyber crimes. We generally don’t care about our social media or don’t use strong password in our accounts. Sometimes we share our meaningful activities in our social media. This helps the cyber criminals to collect data from users. They gather the information.

When they feel to gain benefit from that users, they hack the victims account and try to get huge amount of money. The cyber criminals mainly target those companies or persons who are very rich. Our negligence helps the criminals to hack our details easily. So we should be more careful for using communication media in the cyberspace like real space activities.

h) Mischief:

It is also a reason for cyber crime in the cyberspace. The criminals are engaged themselves to mischief other documents whom they want to harass. Large companies are victims of this. Collecting data from rich companies they mischief the documents in various ways to meet up their needs.

I) Low risk high gain:

Hackers feel free to hack others from sitting at home. They need not to take high risk. They don’t have fear for arrest or case. Using brain and technology they can earn huge money. This also leads them to crime in the cyberspace.

j) Complex of operating system:

To operate computer technology properly is hard to maximum users. When they use this device they may have some gaps to operate it properly. The criminals use this gap to take information from the users. This is also a reason for cyber crime in the cyberspace.

k) Competition:

Competition is also a reason for cyber crime. Every criminal wants to show his heroism in the cyberspace. So they learn more and apply more strategic to control over computer system without risk in it. Those who are cyber criminals compete among themselves to defeat and to earn more than opposite hackers. This also leads the cyberspace to raise cyber crimes.

l) Sharing:

It is common scene that close users sometimes share their mobile phone each other. If the sharing person steals data/information or any kind of things which may cause problem that person from whom he receives the phone. All should be more careful about this. Close one may be not close later time and the person can hamper life by misusing the collected information.

m) Revenge:

Revenge is another cause for cyberspace crimes. Many persons cannot defeat their enemy in real space. For this they think alternative way where risk is less than real space. So they express their enemy’s fault or any bad scene in the cyber world. Thus they take revenge against them whom they do not like.

Written by Mithun Kumar Saha, Department of Law, University of Dhaka.

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