Tips for increasing website traffic

Visitors are very important for your website or blog. Blogs or websites without traffic are like dead bodies without souls. Here I’ve described some tips for increasing website traffic.

How to increase visitors to the blog- 100% effective strategy

Suppose you have a website and you know there is a lot of content, but content will never be worth it unless a visitor enters your website.

So, just as you need visitors to make your hard work worthwhile, you also need visitors to your site to keep your website afloat. Tips for increasing website traffic-

Because there will be no income on your site unless you bring enough visitors to your blog. As a result you go day after day but you can’t see any money. So your website needs visitors whether it is to earn money on your blog or to get the right price for your writing.

Although bringing visitors is not an easy task, it is not possible for everyone, but even then, if you try in the right way, you can bring the expected visitors to your site.

Tips for increasing website traffic organically

Today I am going to inform you about how you can bring the expected visitors to your site or blog with very little effort and in less time.

So I will tell those who think that your site does not really have the expected number of visitors and you need to bring enough visitors to your site but you are not able to bring enough visitors to your site even after trying a lot. I hope you will be able to bring the expected visit to your site in a very short time.

So I hope everyone will read the whole article carefully in the end. If you really want to increase visitors to your website or blog read and apply seo step by step.

Basic seo tips for website traffic

7 simple and effective ways to increase visitors to a blog or website

Publish articles regularly

You must be regular in publishing unique blog articles on your website. Being regular is very important if you want to get or retain traffic on your website dramatically.

Because when a visitor sees that you are publishing articles from time to time following a rule, he/she will also enter your website regularly to get more information.

And if you don’t publish articles on your blog regularly, then you don’t bring visitors to your blog no matter how hard you try.

Regularly you have to understand that you have to follow a specific rule and time and then publish the article.

Either you publish an article every day or you do it once a week or once a month which means you have to follow a certain time and rule then you will see that the visitors of your website or blog are increasing day by day and it will continue to increase as usual.

Of course, don’t post on a website or blog in such a way that you don’t do 4-5 at a time and then not a single week.


Maintain the quality of your article

One of the main reasons for not increasing the number of visitors to our websites is that the quality of the articles we write is not so good that most of the visitors enter our website and leave. This increases the bounce rate of our site and makes it impossible to increase the site traffic.

So we must focus on quality. If necessary, we will publish fewer articles but still try to market the quality of the articles.

Suppose you took a week to publish an informative and quality article on your website or blog. Suppose 1000 entered in 1 week and they saw that you have written a lot of good things in your article and a lot of good information. If you do, 80% of the 1000 visitors will remember the name of your site and they will regularly visit your site to see if you have published a new article. Because once he has benefited from your site and the quality of your article is good, then everyone will enter your site a second time.

This way your site will become very popular and everyone will start liking your site a lot.

On the other hand, if you start publishing articles 2-5 times a day, but there is no such thing as an article, then think about it. Not to mention that they have a bad idea about your site.

As a result, they will never enter your site again and will not even notice the name of your site.

So don’t worry about writing more articles, try to maintain the quality as much as you write, it will start to increase your visitors.

Submit your website or blog to search engines

Search engines can be the biggest help in bringing targeted visitors to your blog or website. Because if people find out something from the search engine to find your site, it will automatically increase your organic visitors, you do not have to bother.

When you submit your site or blog to a search engine, when someone enters your site related keyword and searches from that search engine, that search engine will present your site in front of that visitor, you are getting visitors for your site without doing anything. For this you must publish quality complete articles and submit your site to search engines.

Share your articles more and more on social media

In fact, you live in a society where many people around you, so you can actually share a lot with many people, but no one knows you online, so how do you promote your blog site.

This is what you can do by creating a profile of yours on various social media.


When you create a social media profile for yourself you will create many friends and followers where you can share your blog articles with those friends of yours and tell your friends who they want to share it with their friends.

This is often not what we think it is because most of your friends may not share your article. Many times we blame our friends for this but it is not your friend’s fault because someone will share your article only when they see that there is something new in your article or there is something to learn that will benefit everyone. So you can expect shares from your friends only when you can gift him a post like his mind.

So you must try to write and publish articles in a way that everyone can learn good topics and new things, and then you will see that your article is being shared by many on your social media and many visitors are also entering your site.

Create website backlinks

Be sure to create some quality backlinks to your blog. It will increase the number of visitors to your website as well as it will help your blog or website to be ranked by Google.

If you do not have to create backlinks on quality websites or blogs, you will not get much benefit from backlinks.

If you work hard to create backlinks to your website in 1000 blogs but none of those 1000 blogs are of such quality then those 1000 backlinks will not work for your blog.

Even if you work a little harder without creating these 1000 backlinks, creating a backlink for your website on a quality blog or site will be more effective than your 1000 normal backlinks.

Video marketing for increasing traffic

You can get many visitors for your blog by video marketing. Now people prefer video format to any text format.

For this you can take the help of YouTube. You all probably know that YouTube is the largest video sharing website in the world where thousands of videos are published every day and about 30 million people enter every day to watch those videos.

So you can understand how many people are on this YouTube. You can also get some visitors for your website from here so you have to create a YouTube channel first then upload your blog related videos. And in those videos and in the video description, give the name of your blog and always inform your YouTube viewers about your website or blog, then you will see that from here you can increase the number of visitors for your blog or website.

Pick the right keywords

If you want to get good visitors from your article, you must want the keywords of your article to be correct. Because the keyword of your article will depend on how much your article will rank on Google or how many visitors you will get from Google.


Suppose you choose a keyword for your blog or website that has been used by many great websites or blogs before you, but it will not be easy to rank your site by surpassing them and no matter how you rank, someone will prioritize your site first. No.

Again, you have chosen some keywords that no one searches for, but you can say that your visitors are not likely to get. So you have to choose the keywords correctly.

You have to choose a keyword that has no competitors in the keyword and the search value is good.

Then you can get your desired visitors from Google or various search engines.

Last of all

If you follow this whole article of mine with full attention and work accordingly then I guarantee you will increase the visitors of your blog or website.

But it may not be possible in a day or two. If you work regularly, you will be able to catch your own improvement.

Hope everybody enjoys the article. If you like it, you must share it with your friends.

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