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SEO for website- SEO is very essential factor to start journey online. Before building a website you should have a strong seo strategy. Most of the website owners start their online journey without site optimization…or in their seo plans have many errors. At the first step of your website making you should follow some specific rules of seo.  Read this small article thoroughly…

First step before website making

Before creating website your first step is thinking of your niche. What is your website niche? Why you’re making website? You should have a particular answer for these two questions. Then you have to select a domain name by researching… It’ll take time to select a good domain. Your domain name can do half of the seo work of your website. After selecting domain you should have a good plan for web hosting. Please do not select a baby or starting hosting plan for your website. If you select a baby or starting plan for your website you’ll get a bad impact at the starting point of your web journey. I recommend business or VPS hosting plan at first step of your online journey.

Secondary step of your website creation:

Website creation now a day is very easy, simple and quick. But to get professional look of your website is not an easy task. You should hire a person who knows all the necessary steps to make a professional website. If you think that WordPress or Joomla or other CMS platform is fit for your web platform then I personally recommend WordPress. It’s easy and for small e-commerce business there is no alternative of WordPress. Just click and install WordPress on your hosting and after installing select your theme for your web platform.

Professional step of making website:

Many website owners firstly think that free theme can make them happy. But I think free is all time a demo or just for fun. If you want to build up an awesome web platform then you will cost more to get a theme. If you’re a theme developer I have no word for you. But if you’re a beginner you should purchase a good theme which suit for your business or company or organization.

Then start customization of your website. This step is only for professional. A professional can do customization properly for your website. If you think, you know all the step of customization theme to develop a new website I do not have any word for you…but if you’re a beginner you should hire a professional one for your website project.   

After making your website fully you should run another step for seo score. Please read more for the next step…

Apply seo on your website

Make page, create post on your website by maintaining some seo rules. One thing I will tell you that do not copy paste from others website. You should remember Google is smarter than you. So I again tell you, do not copy/paste any content or images from other website. Find your Google analytics on your website. You may activate Google analytics plugins on your site. You should have a sitemap on your site. It helps you to get quick search rank…and there are many things to do for your website by seo.

Get search engine ranking quickly

You should another plan to hire someone specialist seo activist. Or you have to read blog in terms of seo update and regularly you have to update your website. On page seo is the heart of your website. If you maintain your on page seo properly you will get SERP rank quickly. If you do wrong on page seo you will be going down and down. You could not recover.

Second one is off page seo. Mainly you should have a plan to get authority backlink from some authority website by creating guest posting. Guest posting will help you to get quick search rank of your website. Not only authority website but also some low scoring news or magazine site you can choose to get some backlink for your website.

At the end of this article I want to tell that SEO is not an easy, simple task for everyone. You have to apply seo rules on your website properly to get SE ranking. It’ll take time but if you apply all things properly you will get success surely.

Thanks for read.

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