5 Answers Make Your Blog Profitable (Increase Blog Traffic)

Question1: How can I increase my blog traffic and get more visitors?

Answer 1:

The very key element to consider initially is content. If you are a traffic oriented blogger you are usually called rich, you need to publish rich content.

Content is king

You will get a lot of people who keep telling you about the content but I agree it is very important to apply it before moving on to any promotional aspect. But the truth is that a lot of people will end up here and no successful blog / website has ever shared the real privacy.

Let’s put it this way, everyone writes good content but very few people get the attention they need. You know what 90%, the blog site closed within the first month. Why do you think that is? Aren’t they good at writing?

Maybe, but most of them have become the best in content, but why? This is because very few people understand the workings of an effective blog site. Now let’s discuss the natural but important media of promotional factors that affect the success of your blog.

Guest Blogging:

Writing for yourself is good but concerns are raised when you write for someone else. Guest blogging is one of the best ways to generate traffic to your site and earn credit for it. This is because when you blog guest, you will actually find visitors who were not your visitors before. This gives you the opportunity to turn your visitors into fans and thus increase the overall traffic to your blog.

There are many websites that take guest blogs in different niches, find something and start writing.

Social media:

People tend to be more social in the media than personal. Promoting blogs on social media is the easiest and most efficient way for the traffic genre. The advent of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn makes it easier to find people of interest around the world.

Relevant ads:

I have a question for you. While reading some of the blogs, did you skip the similar articles placed below? Which redirects you to another website when clicked, you have? You’ve got it right; well this ad form is called contextual advertising. Since it is an indirect way of generating traffic, it becomes a real source of promotion. You don’t have to reach your audience here; they land on your blog without marketing. The best relevant advertising platforms to get started with are:

Local Advertising and Content Discovery Platform

Rethink – The world’s fastest growing content offering network

Outbrain – Content discovery and marketing platform

SEO (Highly Recommended):

SEO or search engine optimization is a complete but effective way of generating traffic.

Visit to know more details about SEO Blog SEO: Tips for increasing website traffic

SEO is a study that cannot be mastered overnight. To break this jackpot of gaining popularity without spending a penny you need to go deeper into the ideas. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people Of Google search engine.

It is the only useful source of SEO. SEO takes time for results but once it is in full swing there is no need to stop! PS: Try to master the above aspects efficiently before jumping into this (SEO) beautiful concept. I’m pretty sure the above factors will give you enough visibility across the web.

Answer 2:

Because everyone who has a website wants traffic…More traffic = more sales. And you’ve heard a lot of times content is king and it’s true. I’m pretty sure the above factors will give you enough visibility across the web.

But not every content is king, did you know that on average there is a daily basis 2 million blog posts Published every day. So if you want to reach a target audience and get more people to read your content, you need to provide quality. So I want to share something before moving further Blogging Industrial statistics about you blogging and why blogging is important for your business.

According to statistics, 53% of marketers say that creating seo friendly blog content is their top internal marketing priority. Companies that publish 16+ blog posts per month receive about 3.5X more traffic than companies that publish 0-4 monthly posts 1 in 10 blog posts compound, meaning organic search increases their traffic over time. These statistics show that through blogging you can increase the traffic to your website but blogging can help you increase your business, lead and sales.

Blogging begins with these key steps:

The first is content creation and the second is promotion.

1) Content creation – One major thing you need to do is look for your goal before jumping into the content creation process Buyer Persona. Buyer Persona Money Details of your customers based on research data. Buyer Persona is essential because you need to find your target audience who are hungry and ready to receive your content. How to get started? You need to find the buyer persona.

Start with research, conducting surveys and interviews with your target audience. You can start with any template, you can search for many templates through Googling but I would recommend (Hubspot Buyer Persona Template) Download it from here. All templates include the same basic information you need about your buyer personality. See the image below – So you need to find out all the relevant information related to your buyer and fill out this template. Once you have data related to your customers, you need to better understand who your target audience is and how your product or service solves their problems. Now design your content and promote it in front of your buyers by solving personality issues. Now, what will happen? You will create targeted and quality traffic but the chances of generating it are also high

After the buyer persona completes the process, the next the step will be to create content-

How to create valuable content that your audience likes and earn more shares & links-

In the first step, you need to find content ideas about what kind of content your competitors are writing about and what kind of content people are sharing, linking and talking about. You can use a tool Buzzsumo – First, enter the head over to Buzzsumo topic (content marketing) and it shows the most shared content on the internet. Make a list of topics. In the next step you can use a tool –

Hubspot Blog Title Generator & Search for great ideas, note down all the ideas in your content list. Now you have a list of topics so in the next step choose a topic for your blog and you start writing the first post.

How to get started –

1) Write good titles –

The title of your blog should be eye-catching, concise, and transparently priced sexy! And shorten according to your title Statistics Prominent headlines of 6-13 words attract the highest and most consistent amount of traffic.

2) Your content should have a voice

When you start writing content, write your content as if you are talking to a person and trying to solve his problems.

3) Your content should be beautiful

Add beautiful graphic and charts to images, videos So that users can stay engaged in your content. You don’t write word for word, word for word, word for word, word for word, word for word, word for word, word for word, word for word, and word for word. So try to add as much visual as you can to your content.

4) Write long pieces

Not everyone can write like Seth Godin. And you can’t add value to content of 300 or 500 words. So at least try to write Word 1200 words T. The standard length of content for blog posts in the top 10 results is around 2400+ words. So people write as long content as they like to share or link to long content.

Promotion is the key to the success of any content

If you can’t promote content, your content will not reach more audiences.

How to start generating more links and shares

If your content doesn’t reach more people so focus on content promotion, connect with other bloggers in your industry and start promoting so your content can get more traction.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you can’t do something to promote your content, it provides value to your audience through the content.

I hope all these tips will help to Increase Blog Traffic, if you still have a question message for me.

Answer 3:


You have a new blog but you don’t have traffic, so people don’t come to your blog to check and read your blog posts?

Positive changes to your blog

Blogs without readers (traffic) will eventually fail. Statistics show that about 95% of newly created blogs fail due to lack of traffic.

Quick, sure suggested and sure way to get traffic to your new blog

1. Submit and optimize your blog for search engines:

Increase Blog Traffic- As soon as you finish creating your blog, the next thing is to submit your blog to search engines for indexing so that your blog is available online. There are many search engines out there but the best is Google.

Submit your blog to Google Click here and submit your blog to Bing Click here. After submitting your search engine, you need to optimize your blog for search engines. This is known as search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines are the number one source of passive traffic to blogs / websites. So, you need to learn SEO (Google is your friend) and apply it to your blog for better ranking in Google, Bing and other search engines.

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2.Social Media Promotion:

Blogs rarely survive these days, especially without social media Facebook and Twitter. After making a post on your blog, you must share your blog post in your social media profiles, groups and pages (such as Facebook and Twitter profiles, Facebook pages, etc.). But first you need to create a social media presence. To do this, you should have as many friends as possible and invite people to your Facebook page. Whenever you share your blog post on your social media profile, only your friends can see it without paying a fixed fee to promote the posts. So, the more friends you make, the more people will see your blog posts.

It’s not just about sharing your blog post on social media; you also need to post other inspirational writing posts on your profile. It will make you more respected and more friends.

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3. Main content:

Please, read this carefully. If you do not post the main content on your blog, your blog will fail because Google and Bing (the largest search engine) will stop indexing your blog and people will rarely see your blog.

Content King – You must have come across this expression before and that’s exactly it. I’m sorry for you if you’re involved with “copy and paste” because your blog won’t be anything to go by. Blogging is a serious business.

Original source link

Also, make sure your blog posts are long. Research shows that longer articles can get better rankings and more shares.

4. Publish more content:

If you want to rank higher and Increase Blog Traffic to your site, you need to create and publish more content on your blog every day or regularly. This allows search engines to crawl and index your blog posts more frequently, increasing your rankings. Also, your blog readers always come back to checkout your latest blog posts. No one would agree to go back to a blog where they see the same thing every day. Try to post new content every day or weekly (every week) depending on your time.

5. List of e-mail buildings:

Another surefire way to get long-term traffic to your blog is through email lists. It’s a privacy of all successful blogs out there. Email list building is related to collecting the email addresses of your blog visitors. How do you do that ?, you need to sign up for one of the best email list building tools Mail Chimp , Uninterrupted communication , aweber Etc. can be installed Sumome plugin Use its various options (such as popups, scroll bars, and welcome mats) to create your WordPress blog and email list.

When people visit your blog, they will be shown an alternative box on your blog where they will have to enter their email address and subscribe to your blog. Whenever you post a new blog, these subscribers will be automatically notified of your new blog post and they can click on their email link to view your blog and read your latest post. Isn’t that great?!

6. Good blogging:

You can also get traffic to your new blog through guest blogging. Guest blogging is when you interact with other bloggers in your blogging niche and send a good post to their blog on their behalf. The blog post you send them must contain the URL of your blog (www.yourblog .com) and you must be recognized as the owner of the blog post. Whenever their blog visitors, read the post and like it, they can click on your URL and view your own blog to check it out for more interesting things. That way, you get more traffic to your blog. Gain traffic through guest blogging

7. Content Submission:

Another surefire way to Increase Blog Traffic to your new blog is to submit some of your articles / posts, such as to article submission sites. Ezine article And some like the blogging community Bizsugar, And blokube. Make sure you add a link to your blog for each content you submit.

Commenting on forums and other organizations: Join most popular forums and community sites , Yahoo answers , Warrior Forum Etc. Whenever you comment on any post in this forum / community, you can add a link to your blog to drive traffic to your blog. Make sure you don’t finish it, otherwise it will be considered spamming / flagged. Also, make sure you provide useful comments and support for members of this community.

Website is not an easy task but you must succeed with determination and proper practice. Also, you need to exercise enough patience. Good luck!

Answer 4:

To kill a lot of traffic to your website you need some killer strategies and strategies that are essential and keep you away from other search engine policies. . In several niches you will compete with hundreds of other blogs to attract the same few readers and you will often have to produce something really exceptional to stand out.

The way you can increase your traffic

Identify the words with gestures and always open with the good proverb ending in good word open Make your role interesting, enough to hold your audience Rely on comments Interact with your article by introducing video content Create your post, it can move easily Provides your product with satisfaction Give the option of reconsideration.

Most of these strategies are just about maximizing emissions from what you already have. So in case of sharing, you can confirm the post more than once and optimize the text of your tweet. In terms of SEO, you can be sure that you are humming bird-friendly (of course in a natural and non-spammy way). And in terms of strategy you can be sure that the influencers write in your favor and you come up with a smart way to re-create this element.

That’s a question, a lot of people ask me a lot of the time, even though traffic and users hold your business, always everyone’s goal. Finding a steady flow of visitors to your blog can be a daunting task. This is a general formula: – More Traffic = More Sale The first step is to increase the traffic,

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Answer 5:

You should use a variety of strategies when promoting your blog or article in front of a target audience to Increase Blog Traffic. If you promote your blog with text only, your writing should be so strong otherwise the user will not read it completely. To make it more interesting, always make sure that the article or blog includes images, videos, graphics so that the reader does not get bored of it. The first important thing to generate more traffic to a blog is the title of the blog or article. It will match the actual content.

Write a longer blog or article which means giving all the information in a detailed manner. This will create a lot of interest for the reader while reading the same. Try a minimum 1000 word or 1200 word article. Guest blogging is one of the best ways to Increase Blog Traffic to your site and earn credit for it. In addition, promote your blog on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. So with this method, you can increase the blog traffic and let the visitors come again and again.

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