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You study in college or school? If you run a Part time job or business, some of the extra money may come for your education and handouts. So in this article I will let you know where you can become self-reliant by getting a part time job or a student job.

Friends, the tasks that I will discuss below are: where you can earn a good amount of money by working only 2-3 hours every day.

Note that, there are some mediums where you have to have only an Android phone.

Friends, many of us sit at home and spend our free time watching only our mobile phones, but what if you can use that time to get some extras?

Top 5 Part Time Jobs Online

With the advent of the Internet in today’s world, everything is possible. Now you can do anything online from home. Friends, with the help of the Internet, there are many things that you can do to earn a good amount through your computer or mobile. Below we will try to find out about 5 things that you can do both part time and full time.

1) Earn by part time blogging

Friends, you can earn a good amount by part-time blogging. Thousands of students and unemployed youth in India are earning through this part-time blogging. Friends, first of all you don’t need any investment here. You can start writing from there using Google Blogger for free. Every day for 2-3 hours start writing. About the subject you are interested in and have a good knowledge of the topic start writing. It can be any subject. It can be technology, it can be any story. Even it can be any personal information. Write details on topics that could be product reviews and share them with the public.

Then gradually when visitors come to your blog, start monetizing the blog with Google-ad sense, then you will start earning.

There are many of us who love to do writing work. So I say to those friends, if you can write well on a particular topic or your writing skills are very good, then you can earn a good amount from this job. By writing content, it is possible to earn up to twenty dollars per hour.

Visit this website – Tutor – Open an account, Indeed – Open an account, Open Guru.com- account

2) Appen.com Freelancer Part Time Job

Friends, next I am going to share with you an opportunity that very few people know. Appen is an international company, this company usually does all the work of big companies like Google, Facebook. Headquartered in Australia, you can join this company and work part time. Here you will get paid for very small and simple tasks like Google search and translation instead of doing such simple tasks.

The best thing about this site is that you can do this at home with your mobile phone. You have to translate from English to Germany, from Hindi to English. Appen, you can be join for free, but to get a job on this site you have to take an online exam. You can find reviews or detailed information about this site from YouTube or Google. Below is the link of this site –

3) Fiverr freelance work

Friends, you can earn some extra by working as a freelancer on Fiverr. What is Fiverr? If you don’t know, I am saying that Fiverr is a very popular website where you can earn a minimum of five dollars or more by doing freelancing work. Friends, if you know more about photo editing, logo editing, content writing, graphics editing or video editing, you must visit this site.

Friends! India, Bangladesh and Pakistan thousands of young people earn a good amount of money from this site. You don’t know any job, you don’t have any skill. Visit this site at once and check how the young men and women of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are earning thousands of dollars by doing very minimal work. I gave the link of this site below, you must visit it once.

Visit website – fiverr.com

4) Data entry part time job


Friends, the next opportunity that I will talk about that you can earn 10 to 15 thousand rupees a month by sitting at home and working part time, this job is data entry.

Friends, the task of data entry is that if there is any data, you have to sort that information with the help of some software.

This means that you can have a list, a PDF file, a document. Entering it with the help of any software is called data entry work.

Two things are very important here; first you need to know about the software you will be working on, such as how to use Excel if you want to enter any data in Excel.

In the same way, if I want to enter any data of the bank, I need to know the software of the bank, no

When it comes to content entry, we need to know how to use Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

And the second is that you need to know the language in which you will enter, whether it is English or Hindi.

If you don’t know how to use those soft-wares, you can learn everything from watching YouTube these days.

Also if you talk about work you will find many freelancing site where you are offered data entry job.

However, I will suggest the following two websites, if you want to do this, then you must visit once.

Visit website –   Truelancer,    peopleperhour.

5) Affiliate marketing

Here is a brief definition of affiliate marketing – there are many companies in the market from which you can shop online, you can sell their products and earn some commission. These companies such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm you can earn some percentage of commission by promoting their products by joining their affiliate program. I am also telling below how to promote. You just have to have a mobile to promote. Create a Facebook page where you can promote them to your followers. How to promote on Facebook? Take it here later – Know how to earn money through Facebook?

Besides, you can share those products with your friends on WhatsApp, you can share on your viewers with the help of YouTube channel.

If you don’t know how to open a channel on YouTube, take it here later – Open a professional youtube channel easily

There are many more processes through affiliate marketing. Now you will get commission only when someone buys from your shared link.

Visit Amazon – Amazon.com

Our last word,

Friends, the part-time jobs that I discussed above, you can research in more detail by searching on Google or YouTube.

However, do a little research on the jobs I talked about and try to get started as soon as possible if you have a choice or interest.

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