Black Hole First Image captured

Black Hole- For the first time, the picture of black hole was taken by scientists

Space scientists have been able to take pictures of a black hole for the first time. It is said to be a big event in space science.

This is a part of the space in which gravity is so strong that nothing from his hand – even the light rays cannot escape.

Although its name is called a hole, it is not actually empty. Rather, there is a huge amount of substances bound in a small area. As a result, its gravitational force is so strong.

It appears in the picture, a circle of bright fire around a circular black hue. This photo is possible with a network of eight radio telescopes located in different parts of the world, such as Antarctica, Spain and Chile.


No black hole photo was taken before

No black hole photo was taken before – because there is no ability to take pictures of single telescopes.

Found in a distant galaxy or galaxy named Metsewen.

This black hole from Earth is 50 million trillion kilometers away, and its mass (amount of substance) is 650 million times more than the sun. This is so big that it is described as a ‘monster’, scientists say.

The brightness of that galaxy is much more than the luminosity of all stars.

Scientists say the monolithic black hole is bigger than the part of the solar system that is part of the Earth. From one side to another side, its size is 4 billion kilometers – which is 30 million times greater than the world.

According to astronomers, the details of this discovery have been published in ‘Astrophysical Journal Letters’, which will help man to enhance the feeling about black holes.

Source: BBC

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