Proper SEO techniques – Internal Optimization

Proper SEO techniques- At a glance, Basic of Internal Optimization

As mentioned earlier, Search Engine Optimization has 2 types- internal and external optimization. Does not seem to be a new name, actually on page SEO and off page seo’s synonym…Previously discussed on page seo more. So, think of the basics of on page seo and recap it in front of you in a different way, it will help you understand. And another reason to recap on On page seo is that Google now focuses on page optimization. There was a time when the ranking could be possible only when thousands of backlinks were made but now that day is not there, Google is very smart now, so you have to be oversmart now, but of course fair use. Black hat seo has died…Do not use black hat SEO.

Internal Optimization refers to how you link to other pages on your website, keyword density; pages are error free, whether a page is broken, etc. It is often seen that increasing the linking structure of the general page or increase keyword density can result in your page coming from page 2 to page 1 on Google.

what is backlinking in seo?

best seo techniques– Suppose you have two sites and the site name is A and B. Also, if there is a link on Site A, click on the site link to go to B – then in this case there is a backlink for Site B and this backlink is given from site A for site B.

Backlink can have NoFollow or Dofollow tag. Generally, if you give a backlink to a site, then if the search engine comes to crowl your site, then it will link and crowl and if your page has a page rank that linked page will get as ratio. Now think that you do not want to give backlink someone, but someone came to your site and commented on it and got a link inside it – then he got a backlink from your site. Now if you do not want to give any page rank or link juice through backlink, you can do it – then you can keep these links Nofollow. The rules of writing nofollow are:

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Link Text</a>

It is used primarily by readers of various blogging sites, which prevents spammers or unwanted visitors to increase their site page rank. It discourages spammers to provide unwanted comments. However, in the case of spam prevention, nofollow is not good to use, readers will be encouraged to provide comments and their contact with the site will be more. Again Google sees if you have a dofollow link to a low quality site, Google can still give you a penalty.

Page rank by Google

This is Google’s standard for determining the value of a webpage. Many things depend on it. However, Page rank and search engine rank are different. It is possible to rank top page in search engine without page rank. It’s not so important now. If you search Google then you will get a lot of information about it.

So check the list below once before starting the SEO job. Is this tag properly used or is it right inside content? If you have in it, then you’ll get a good deal.

1% to 5% keyword density, title, Meta description, strong, em, h1, h2, alt, domain / file name

basic seo tips

Here I’ve discussed about free basic seo tips what you should apply on your site correctly. Go through the blog and you’ll get the right path to optimize your site…

Create a sitemap For example: Image sitemap, Video sitemap, text sitemap etc.

Reduce site loading time.

Internal linking (This is the link that is used to move one page of your website to another page.) Google decides by Anchor Text what type of navigation or pages that are being navigated on pages.

Anchor Text is written as: <a href=”#”>anchor text</a>

The more links you have on any page, Google will give the importance of that page.

In addition to this, you should keep in mind the following:

Links to every page should work properly or not be broken.

Every image should be shown as well.

If your page has an error, then it will frustrate both the search engine and your visitor. Ask yourself, how do you feel when there is an error in a link?

Carefully do the job. If not, then the truth is “As you brew, so you drink.”

Here you can check your pages.

Always give accurate information to the search engine and visitor

Link to High authority sites.

If the site is really relevant and useful, then give backlink to any site honestly.

Do not be afraid to lose page rank if you are right.

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