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We all understand that the marketing sector is continually shaping the digital revolution. Because of the technology development, digital advertising has been going through the roller coaster journey in every century since the 3rd industrial revolution. We are now in the early stages of the 4th Industrial Revolution, bringing physical, digital and biological systems together. Advancement in information computing, machine learning, IOT helps marketers and companies by improving their shopping experience to hack consumer buying behaviour. This Fullestop infographic is a look at 5 of the greatest digital marketing trends that will dominate this year’s company environment.

Era of Revolution in Digital Marketing Infographic

Voice Search

Voice search is increasing steadily. The statistics below are the powerful proof in digital marketing of speech search do matter.

• Fifty percent of web searches will be speech searches by 2020, according to comScore. 

• According to Gartner, by 2020 approximately 30% of all searches will be carried out without a screen.

Content Marketing

In the digital marketing globe, content marketing continues to be the king. This will make your brand stand out in the crowd by adding real value to your client requirements, offering sufficient and complete in-depth understanding.

Artificial Intelligence

Currently, digital marketing has become the first option for those companies that want to carry forward their company as quickly as possible. Business growth or sales development can be readily improved through digital marketing as most individuals are now searching on the internet for their required products / services first before making a purchase decision.

Voice Search

Voice search involves consumers who use their voice to ask questions about a smartphone or home assistant device rather than typing their queries into search engines. Since the advent of ‘ intelligent speaker ‘ systems like Google Home, Amazon’s Echo, etc.

Social Media

For companies to construct customer groups and brand loyalty in 2019, social media marketing remains extremely essential. Although social media is changing its reach quickly, and the rate of transformation is much greater.

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